7 Ghoulishly Good Halloween Cocktails to Try This Weekend

Who needs trick-or-treating when you can have a wickedly good time sipping on Halloween cocktails?

Whether you’re a kitsch connoisseur or a spooky aficionado, Dublin is brewing up a cauldron of concoctions that’ll send shivers down your spine and tickle your taste buds. Say goodbye to the mini chocolate bars of your youth and hello to these chillingly creative elixirs!

Here are 7 of the most spine-tingling, sinister Halloweens this side of Transylvania! For the weekend that’s in it.

Zombie at Peruke & Periwig

Feeling like a reanimated corpse? Peruke & Periwig serves up the Zombie, a spine-chilling concoction of three rums, lime juice, and a dash of absinthe. A blend of rums and citrus that wakes the undead, with an eerie, absinthe-infused finish. Sip on this one, and you’ll wonder if you’d survive a real zombie apocalypse. A gory good time!

Jack O’Lantern’s Halloween Cocktail at Peruke & Periwig

The name ‘Jack-o’-lantern’ stems from an Irish legend about Stingy Jack. And what better way to celebrate than with a cocktail named after this mischievous trickster? A pumpkin-spiced delight with a hint of Irish folklore, this one’s sweet and bewitching. It’s devilishly good!

The Kraken’s Trick by Craft Cocktails

This one is for having at home, on your own time. Dive into the depths of the Kraken’s lair with this dark and rich blend of Kraken Black Spiced rum, chocolate, caramel, charcoal, and lime. A bold and mysterious concoction that’s as smooth as the Kraken’s tentacles, with a delightful hint of cocoa and citrus. Beware, for this one’s as mysterious and legendary as the sea beast itself.

The Kraken’s Treat by Craft Cocktails

Looking for something bolder? Try ‘The Kraken’s Treat’ with Kraken Black Spiced rum, cherry, vanilla, and lemon. An audacious twist on the original, with the boldness of dark spiced rum and a sweet, tangy interplay of cherry and lemon. It’s a sip of daring delight.

Bloody Mary at Seafood Cafe

In Dublin, the Bloody Mary is the ghostly diviner of your future. Some say her name is tied to a Chicago server, while others claim it’s a royal connection. A zesty and savoury mix of vodka, tomato juice, and a dash of Tabasco, invoking a spicy, supernatural thrill with every sip. Regardless, order this legendary cocktail and test the supernatural waters. Who knows what you might see in that mirror?

Red Rum at Token

A tip of the hat to Red Rum, the Grand National champion. A fruity and vibrant cocktail with the subtle sweetness of cherries and a hint of ginger, reminiscent of the grandeur of the racetrack. Its a winner in its own right.

The Cauldron at The Storyteller

It’s a spicy margarita with a twist. A smoky and spicy twist on the classic margarita, with customizable heat levels, makes it a bewitching choice for those who love a kick in their cocktails. customizable to your spice preferences. Whether you prefer it mild or extra fiery, this potion is sure to add a little magic to your Halloween festivities.

So, reformed goths, Donner party animals, and weekend witches, unleash your inner spirits and enjoy a spooky cocktail this weekend.

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