Last Supper Belfast 004 : Dylan Murphy

Words: Emily Mullen

“I’m going out in a blaze of glory”

In our series called the Last Supper, we ask people from all across Ireland and Northern Ireland what their last meal would be their chosen city before they departed for St. Peter’s pearly gates. Handpicking starters, mains and desserts and everything in between, from the vast store cupboard of indigenous cuisine, past or present.

Completely fictitious and absolutely ridiculous it’s an unlimited budget series that relies purely on imagination. In mining the brains of these people, we hope to uncover some hidden gems, forgotten food slingers and make everyone a bit emosh in the process. Next up is Dylan Murphy, Head of Music and Culture at District Magazine, who will form a lame biker gang and careen around Belfast with a lukewarm bottle of Buckfast on his last day on this mortal coil.

First off where are you having your Last Supper?

It would be the one day a year that Belfast is actually sunny and I’d celebrate it by riding a Belfast bike to City Hall and setting up outside there for ease of access to everything I need to get to. I’d bring a speaker and play Chief Keef ‘Love Sosa‘ on repeat and embrace the utter chaos of my final day.

Who is with you?

It would probably be my housemate Jack, as part of a moment of solidarity on my final day on earth I would give him access to the aux cable. My friend Conor would be with me too.

Sweet, you’re outside City Hall on a picnic blanket, are you having anything there?

I’ll probably have a lukewarm bottle of Buckfast on the way there. I haven’t drunk Buckfast in like over a year, I wasn’t drinking it during lockdown because I probably would have exploded, but yeah reliving my teenage years with a bottle of that.

Are you having bottled or tap water?

I’m going to leave the water and just be a dehydrated mess, I’ll have turned to dust by the end of it, I’ll look like Prince Philip.

So you’re primed for your starter, what are you having?

I’m cycling out to The Big Fish, it’s this shitty statue that’s actually kinda lit that everyone really likes. It’s down by the Waterfront Hall and there’s this taco van (Taquitos) that’s so good. I’m getting the fish tacos and the shrimp tacos with the spicy sauce – it’s pretty light so I’ll only have three small ones. Then I’ll cycle over and get a pint of Guinness from Kelly’s Cellars. Because I can experience all this with whoever I like, I’m having a cold one with the goat, Georgie Best.

Your main is?

I’m heading over to Cuban Sandwich Factory and I’m getting pulled pork sandwich, with glazed ham, Swizz cheese and it’s covered in BBQ sauce.


Where are you heading to next?

For legal purposes will we have to get off the bikes at this point. I’ll have to double back and go up the Ormeau Road, which is pretty far but you gotta do what you gotta do. Maybe stop in the Ormeau Park actually on the way and finish off the Buckfast.

For your dessert?

I’d head to Ormeau Road and have ice cream from Al Gelato. It’s just really good ice cream, I’d probably have honeycomb ice cream (I got it from there last night) it’s really really good. It’s in a cone and I’m getting two scoops. It will actually probably settle my stomach a bit and neutralising everything. It’s like the Gaviscon of the dessert world. I imagine the sun would be setting at this point and I’d have Bearface to come and chat to us, just because I find it utterly bizarre that there’s this singer and rapper from Northern Ireland that’s in BROCKHAMPTON. I don’t really know what we’d talk about, I imagine I’d be talking rubbish at this point, but it’s my Last Supper and I make the rules so he’d have to sit through it.


Anything else?

I’d maybe get an Americano from Canteen which is just across the road from there. By that point I’ll be so loaded with caffeine I may as well just top it up. I’d go to General Merchants then afterwards and get a Fifteen, it’s quite a Northern Irish thing, it’s a biscuit with marshmallow and cherries in it. When you were doing Home Economics in school they were like the first thing you made.

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