#5: Top 5 best looking things to eat in Dublin this week

Words: Emily Mullen

“I remember that Summer in Dublin, and the man in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre sprayed us like hell” – Bagatelle

Today marks another landmark stage of the reopening, with over 280,000 people returned to work as non-essential shops have reopened. This day means much more than an RTE News splash with endless queues of shoppers waiting outside Penneys, it’s a visible reminder that the vaccine rollout is paying off and that we are finally on track for reopening. Each landmark day widens the hope for the hospitality industry that their day will be next. Until then, here are five Dublin businesses that are doing something a little different this week:


Happy Endings’s Prawn and Nduja Toast

Any one of these words would be enough to make stomachs’ rumble, but “prawn” “nduja” and “toast” put together make for a cacophony. The street food slingers have layered crisp white bread with a prawn and nduja mashup before pressing it with a crust of black and white sesame seeds. There’s a sprinkling of spring onion and coriander on top and the toast is rounded off with a slice of lime and some wild garlic mayo. You can find Happy Endings in Dublin 1’s The Dorset Lounge and also in Blanchardstown’s Cafe Park, follow them on Instagram for more information.


Veginity’s Rose Viennoiserie

What better way to pop your Veginity than trying their delicious looking Rose Viennoiserie. The brand new pastry has been debuted on Veginity’s Dorset Street Upper premises. It’s a tightly layered swirl served with a delicate sprinkling of rose petals. A cross between bread and pastry the viennoiserie is typically made with eggs, butter, milk, cream, it’s a testament to Veginity’s craft that they have created a plant-based version of it. You can find Veginity on Dublin 1’s Dorset Street Upper, follow them on Instagram for more information.


Project Picnic’s Scotch Eggs

Recently launched, Project Picnic are on a mission to improve our woeful picnic offerings. Through their scotch egg and picnic boxes, the team are encouraging us to eat more than flaccid carrot sticks with gritty hummus on our plein air pursuits. ⁠⁠Their menu changes each week, with a hard-boiled egg surrounded by pork and pistachio filling paired with Sri Lankan ketchup that has hits of tamarind and tangs of lime, on offer last week. ⁠⁠Follow them on Instagram for details about menu changes and collection points in Dublin.


Deli 147’s Korean Pork Belly Toastie

Deli 147’s special board is nothing short of legendary, the Parnell street sambo slingers routinely post outrageously delicious-sounding specials on a regular basis. But this week’s special of Korean Pork Belly Toastie sounds particularly mouthwatering. A white sourdough is stacked with roasted pork belly, spicy Korean style slaw and splashed with secret sauce. The sandwich is served with a portion of spiced crackling and peanut dust, which you can either sprinkle on top or throw into your mouth one fistful at a time. You can catch Deli 147 on Parnell street, follow them on Instagram for updates.


Herbstreet’s Iceberger

People of Dublin can rest easy now that Herbstreet’s iceberger has awoken from hibernation and returned to its freezer shelves. The iceberger looks even better than how we remembered it, the thick soft chocolate biscuit base has been perfectly formed to hold a solid wedge of vanilla ice cream. Wrapped in greaseproof paper, the ice cream is in keeping with Herbstreet’s sustainable ethos and perfect to grab on the go. You can find Herbstreet on Hanover Quay in the Docklands, follow them on Instagram for more information.


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