The 10 Best Newcomers of 2023

This year, diving into the food biz is like a tightrope walking over a pit of hungry lions. Some places that could’ve been award magnets had to close shop within a year. Others had to ditch dreams of new venues thanks to looming fifty-grand electricity bills. Since the recession hit, it’s the most challenging year for fresh faces in the food sector.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Some folks stared austerity in the face and said, “Hold my beer.” Others made triumphant comebacks during the industry’s triple threat of crises, unfazed and flipping a defiant finger at the chaos.

Luckily, we’ve unboxed the freshest feasts, stripped off the stickers, and recycled the packaging—just for your convenience. Below, you’ll find our top ten newcomers of 2023.