The 5 Best Croissants in Dublin Right Now

Ah, the butter croissant: that flaky, buttery pastry that makes any morning a little bit brighter. Who doesn’t want to start their day with a little slice of pastry heaven? It’s a staple of Dublin bakeries and is the perfect benchmark for judging their quality.

Obviously, any good croissant should be flaky. If it’s not, then something has gone terribly wrong. A great croissant should practically shatter when you bite into it, with layers upon layers of buttery goodness. If it’s too dense or tough, then you might as well be eating a dinner roll.

Next up is the butter. It’s right there in the name. A good croissant should be rich and buttery without being too greasy. You don’t want a croissant that’s going to leave an oil slick on your hands or make you feel like you’ve just eaten a stick of butter. Even for the biggest lovers of butter, that is excessive. But that is still preferable to the opposite.

A good croissant should have a subtle sweetness to it. You want a croissant that perfectly balances the butter’s richness and the pastry’s slight sweetness. A great croissant is an ultimate indulgence that will have you feeling like royalty all day long. Using this assessment as a control, we have developed this scientific guide to the best buttery croissants in Dublin.

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