General News / June 29, 2022

Government promises not to start war in space

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General News / June 29, 2022

Government promises not to start war in space

Words: Ellen Kenny

I didn’t know that was a concern, but thanks, I guess?

The Government is broaching the final frontier of politics. They have asked TDs to approve the Outer Space Treaty, a law concerning the exploration and use of galaxies far, far, away.

The Treaty states that outer space is to be used for “peaceful purposes”. It also bans the stationing of weapons of mass destruction.

It also bans any nation from claiming any part of space as their own, including the moon. I guess someone watched Despicable Me too many times and didn’t want anyone getting any ideas.

Although Ireland already signed this treaty in 1967, it looks like the Government wants TDs to reaffirm that we’re not going to pull a Darth Vader at any point.

The logic this is that Ireland now hosts 87 companies engaged with space activities. Although, Ireland doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to regulating international companies in Ireland. Can we trust them to handle intergalactic ones?

The other reason behind bringing up this treaty is security. Ireland needs to make it loud and clear that we have no intention of installing weapons in outer space, or starting any intergalactic war.

Again, was that really a concern? The Irish Army is currently on standby in Dublin Airport- is anyone concerned that we’re going to commit Armageddon?

And worst of all, it doesn’t look like the favour is being returned. When asked if any extra terrestrials had signed the treaty, a Government spokesman responded: “Not yet.”

We give and we give, and those little green guys give nothing back.

It is slightly concerning that the Government is taking up precious Dáil time with concerns about outer space. There’s definitely a lot more issues closer to home.

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