Food / October 23, 2023

Bahay Announce Residency at Warehouse Food Market

Richie Castillo and Alex O'Neill of Bahay.
Food / October 23, 2023

Bahay Announce Residency at Warehouse Food Market

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Press

Kicking off on the 3 of November 2023, at 18:00, this pop-up will continue throughout November and into December. It’s a running with reservations and with tables for walk ins available on Friday and Saturday nights. Reservations are currently open for the first two weeks in November.

The Bahay residency marks the Warehouse Food Market Café’s first-ever evening residency. The new programme aims to bring together friends, families, and food enthusiasts for a delightful experience.

Bahay has been operating since 2021, as run by Richie Castillo and Alex O’Neill. The name comes from the Tagalog word meaning “home“. Any reader of Char will know we are fans of the team behind Bahay. This collaboration promises an array of their most formidable dishes.

Bahay aren’t strangers to the pop-up life, this duo popped up at Mae, had a residency at Roe & Co Distillery, headed a sell-out weekend at Hen’s Teeth, and won Best Front of House at Taste of Dublin. The festival circuit kept them busy this summer. After the success at Beyond the Pale in 2022 they also popped up at Otherside Festival and Another Love Story. All while being a family operation. Richie, a trained chef, and his father have worked on many recipes together since Bahay’s inception.

Their cookbook, Masarap, from Blasta Books is out this week, and they have a sold out pop up running at Row Wines on October 29.

Founded in 2021, Warehouse Food Market represents a pivot from the lockdown grocery delivery service The transformation repurposed an old delivery warehouse into a neighbourhood food market, café, and event space located in Harold’s Cross. Primarily a café, the space also serves as a hub for neighbourhood events, supper evenings, and support for the businesses in Greenmount Industrial Estate.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Bahay for our first evening residency at the café. We’re all about food bringing friends and family together for a bit of fun and sometimes a party, and this comes right through in what Bahay does. So, launching our residency evening with Richie and Alex is the perfect start and a big boost for our neighbourhood here in Harold’s Cross!” said Chris Chapman, Warehouse Café’s owner.

Alex and Richie, the faces behind Bahay, expressed their excitement, “We’re so excited to finally have a semi-permanent place where we can call home and serve food on actual plates! We want to create a space where people can come together during these cold, dark evenings and create memories and have a buzz with some good food, music, and drinks. The communal element that Chris emphasizes at the warehouse with the communal tables and large open kitchen really resonates with what we want to emulate at Bahay. We’re all about community, as it’s made Bahay what it is today. You can expect a menu consisting of some small plates and some larger plates, all designed to share, with the usual Filipino flavours, using the very best Irish produce we can get our hands on. We cannot wait to welcome you to Bahay’s first residency.”

For those looking to reserve a spot and explore Bahay’s culinary delights, bookings can be made here.

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