A Look Back at The Hacienda’s Most Famous Punters

Words: Hannah Lemass
Images: Facebook

Sunday was a night to remember at The Hacienda on Little Mary Street. Taylor Swift, the international pop sensation, celebrated her three sold-out shows at the Aviva with an intimate party at this iconic Dublin bar. While Taylor might be the biggest star to have graced The Hacienda, she’s in stellar company. This unassuming bar has hosted a plethora of celebrities from various entertainment spheres, each one leaving with a memorable photo alongside the enigmatic owner, Shay.

Shay, the bar’s enigmatic owner, is famous for snapping photos with all the famous faces who come through his exclusive doorway. And there’s no shortage of celebs knocking it down. The unassuming little Spanish-style building, nestled in the north inner city, is slightly off the beaten track, away from the hustle and bustle of the north side’s main thoroughfares. But this place has a draw unlike any other bar in Dublin. Anyone who’s been there knows the slight anxiety of knocking on The Hacienda’s door, unsure if they’ll pass the test. Shay gives would-be guests the once-over before deciding whether or not to grant entrance. It’s a game of roulette that adds mystery, magic, and allure to the place.

Once inside, the bar’s charm is palpable. The walls are adorned with quirky memorabilia and so many celeb snaps that there’s hardly any space left. Shay is famous for taking a photo with any celebrity who graces the bar with their presence. He pops on his trademark glasses and strikes a pose with the stars.

“Great to welcome Taylor Swift with all her musicians and dancers to the Hacienda last night. Special to also welcome Superbowl champion Travis Kelce, the legendary Stevie Nicks and Paramore. It was such a warm and genuinely friendly night…”

The Hacienda Facebook Page

Taylor’s visit was a bit different. To respect her privacy, Shay forwent the standard photo and allowed her to enjoy the evening with her team and boyfriend. Taylor may well be one of the biggest stars to ever enter The Hacienda, but she’s in great company.

Here’s a look back at some of the biggest names to grab a pint and strike a pose with Shay at The Hacienda.