Best Looking Things to eat in Dublin This Week 22/08/22

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Things to eat in and around Dublin from August 22 until August 28

We’ve collected some of the most delectable foods being sold in Dublin right now and compiled them into an extensive ol’ list. Here are five things in Dublin this week that we like the look of:


Strawberry Cream Buns – Oxmantown

With strawberry season swinging like a professional one-two, this fresh bun is dripping in that sweet berry goodness. You can’t beat freshly whipped Irish cream. Put them together in a cake, nab a fresh coffee, and you have the perfect way to celebrate the strawberry season—definitely the treat to seek out this week.


Spaghettoni ai Tre Pomodori – Grano

You can’t beat real tomatoes. Unfortunately, most of us, especially those who think we don’t like tomatoes, have only tried the watery mass-produced ones. Real tomatoes burst with the kind of flavour you think Italians are exaggerating about. But this dish demonstrates that they are not. Just as the key to a cheese toastie is to use multiple types of cheese, the key to this dish is a trifecta of tomatoes. Seasonal San Marzano, Datterini and Cherry tomatoes are cooked separately before being brought together to complement each other in this deceptively simple sauce. The homemade in-house pasta takes it up a notch. But it is the perfect end-of-summer tomato celebration for this week’s munch list.


Cured Brisket – Little Mikes

Next-level classics are a genre all their own. Taking a traditional dish that people write off or underappreciated and modernising it without losing its integrity of the dish is something that requires both love and skill. Little Mike‘s have pulled another banger out of their hat here because this beckons to you like the coming Autumnal season. It is here to nourish, comfort and taste deity-damning good. The champ and Madeira gravy add layers of flavour to a hearty Sunday dinner classic. But the cured brisket itself glistens like a starlet beckoning to you. An absolute must for the week that’s in it.


Kimcheese Croquettes – Chimac

Kimcheese croquettes are decadent little bites of cheese, potato and Chimac’s signature kimchi breaded and deep-fried. Croquettes are never a wrong choice, but when you add cheese and kimchi to them, they become a mandatory indulgence. If Chimac has taught me anything, they don’t do anything by half, and every dish is designed to be a taste sensation, so these little fellahs are sure to it perfectly portioned flavour bombs.

That alone should get a queue out the wazoo for the special bite-sized treats this week. But if it’s not, you should note that Chimac has teamed up with Givedish so that for every portion of these bad boys sold, Chimac will donate a meal to a schoolchild in a developing country.


Peaches and Cream Cheese Sandwich -Craft Restaurant

Keepinit’s end-of-summer-seasonal, here’s a juicy peaches and cream dessert. For the most part, whenever something has cream, especially Irish cream, it’s Mount Olympus tier good. Twisting from peaches and cream to cream cheese lifts this dessert beyond that sweet, simple classic to an “I-wouldn’t-have-thought-that-works-but-my-deity-it-does” level.. That slight saltiness in cream cheese will bring out the sweet flavours of your perfectly ripe peaches. The crunch from the biscuity cracker should tie this whole dish together with a perfect textual bow. If you’re looking for a next-level dessert this week, then by the deity of your choice, you got it here.

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