#17: Top 5 best looking things to eat in Dublin this week

Things to eat in and around Dublin from August 30 to September 5 everything from frickles, leek hearts to bacon donuts.

We have collected some of the most delectable foods being sold in Dublin right now, and compiled them into a big ol’ list. Here are five things in Dublin this week that we like the look of:


Firebyrd’s Fried Pickles

Love them or loath them, fried pickles are a casual dining mainstay. Slices of pickle are dunked in batter and deep-fried until a golden brown, in Firebyrd’s Ranelagh frier. These frickles are served up with some jalapeño ranch sauce on the side. You can find Firebyrd who specialise in Southern cooking in Dublin 6’s 51 Ranelagh, follow them on Instagram for more information.


Amy Austin’s Roast Leek Hearts

Recently reopened, Dublin’s resident cowgirl Amy Austin is back with a bang and a buck. The restaurant-come-wine bar have a number of newbs on their menu, including the roast leek hearts in truffle oil. Flecked with truffle shavings and cheese which brings out the heart and the soul of the vegetable. You can find Amy Austins in Dublin 2’s 1 Drury Street, for more information visit their Instagram account.


Fuppin Delish’s Torta Ahogada

A torta ahogada which translates beautifully into a “drowned submarine sandwich”, hails from the Mexican state of Jalisco. Made by taking a crusty bread roll that’s filled with pork carnitas and red onions, and “drowning” it in a red chile sauce and serving it with fresh lime wedges. Fuppin Delish have chosen this dish as their first ever sandwich, their version is slightly milder with a lemon sauce and a tomato-based spicy sauce. The team have described it as a dish with a bit of “heat, mess and a bit of zing”. You can find Fuppin Delish in Dublin’s Dinetown, for more information visit their Instagram.


Bubbas’s Prawn and chorizo

Fresh out of the gate, Bubbas Fish Market opened their doors to the public of Dalkey a couple of weeks back. The spot operates a takeaway, retails space alongside a restaurant, were they are slinging a pretty delicious looking seafood offering. Dublin Bay prawn tails panfried with chorizo and garlic, served with some toasted sourdough and a spicy corn on the cob. You can find Bubbas in Dalkey’s 3C Castle Street, for more information visit their Instagram account.


Fable + Stey’s Maple and Bacon Glazed Donuts

Autumn has offically entered the chat, now that Fable + Stey are selling literal autumnal offerings in the form of their maple and bacon glazed donuts. The salty-sweet combo of the glaze and the caramelised bacon is always a solid choice particularly when it comes ontop of a donut. These bad boys are the work of head chef Katie Telford, who has been banging out some delectible sweets for some time now. You can find Fable + Stey out in Blackrock’s 24 Newtown Park, for more information visit their Instagram.


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