#14: Top 5 best looking things to eat in Dublin this week

Things to eat in and around Dublin from August 3rd-9th 2021, everything from a Brazilian BBQ platter, a chicken cutlet bap to a roast potato tempura sandwich.

Hell hath no fury like the mood after a Bank holiday, if it was a shape it would take the form of a soggy wet cloth. The feelings felt on that particular day are hard to articulate, mainly because of the wide range of emotions. There is fleeting happiness when you realise it is in fact Tuesday, but then deep rooted sorrow when you think about how you were adjusting to the taste of freedom throughout those three days. Speaking of taste, that is arguebly the only way out of that particularly potent mood. We have collected some of the most comforting foods being sold in Dublin right now, and compiled them into a big old carb-filled list. Here are five things in Dublin this week that we like the look of:


Smok’n Shack’s BBQ Platter

These new kids on the block have recently opened up in Dublin 8’s Dinetown. Smok’n Shack are serving up authentic Brazilian BBQ in some brown cardboard boxes. Their menu has a build your own BBQ quality to it, which allows you to add as much or as little as you want. Smok’n Shack’s BBQ platter can be made up with whatever you want, from chicken, sausage, chicken wings, pork ribs, picanha steak or halloumi, served with either fries, salad or rice and either corn on the cob or garlic bread, served with a choice of dipping sauce. The food truck is open at the weekends and the team have a BYOB setup in their area of Dinetown. Follow Smok’n Shack on Instagram for more information.


Volpe Nera’s Chocolate Mousse

This cold rainy weather calls for the dessert big guns, in the form of Volpe Nera’s warm chocolate mousse, with some fig leaf ice cream and px. The self-proclaimed neighbourhood restaurant, isn’t your average neighbourhood restaurant since it’s been newly minted with a Michelin Bib Gourmand. You can find Volpe Nera in 22 Newtown Park, Newtownpark, Blackrock, follow them on Instagram for more information.


Social Fabric Cafe’s Chicken Cutlet Bap

One of the best food trends of the last few years has to be cafe’s and restaurant’s ability to put literally anything into a burger bun, be it a deep-fried camembert, portobello mushrooms or a striploin steak. Thankfully Social Fabric Cafe have also gotten in on this trend and have put a chicken cutlet into a bap. The team have topped the cutlet with homemade slaw, slices of cucumber and lashed it with a house sauce. The result is a bap that’s literally wider than it is high, with every inch of it looking crunchy, succulent and delicious. You can find Social Fabric Cafe at 34 Stoneybatter, Arbour Hill, Stoneybatter, follow them on Instagram for more information.


Bonobos’s Truffle Pizza

Sometimes a special comes along which really fits the descriptor of a special menu item, for Bonobos that special is the Truffle Pizza. An unusual black pepper pecorino and mozzarella base layer, is topped with toasted pistachios, truffle salsa, truffle honey finished with orange zest. This pizza reads like a must try, from the cheese on cheese action of the base layer, to the double truffle situation of the salsa and the honey finish, with the crunch of the chopped pistachios and the tang of the citrus zest. You can find Bonobos in Dublin 7’s 119 Church Street Upper, Inns Quay, follow them on Instagram for more information.


Brasserie Sixty6’s Roast Potato Tempura Sandwich

Recently reopened for indoor dining Brasserie Sixty6 has launched their new menu, which features some old classics and some newbs. One new item on the menu is their Roast Potato Tempura Sandwich which sounds exactly what you dream of making after a roast sunday dinner, but never have the ingredients or the skillset to pull it off. Made up of tempura of roast potato, spring onion, charred broccoli, red cheddar, kimchi mayonnaise it’s all served up on an onion brioche bun. You can find Brasserie Sixty6 on Dublin 2’s 66-67 South Great George’s Street, follow them on Instagram for more information.


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