5 Best Chowder’s in Dublin Right Now

Chowder is lowkey making a comeback in tandem with this island nation finally embracing fish with whole hearts and open arms. People are tweeting about it and asking for it.

What makes chowder a great comfort food is that it’s warming emotionally as well as physically. There’s a reason why we see old food favourites return time and again, and it’s as much about the feels as it is about the flavour. Chowder tastes like going to your nan’s for tea time, sneaking out for lunch with your ma after an appointment before going back to school; it tastes like trying to be a grown-up when you’re 12, and like it would cure what ails ya. 

So we’re diving deep into the comforting world of creamy, chunky goodness to bring you the top five chowders that will have you slurping up every last drop.