/ June 6, 2024

Wicklow Wolf and Brennans Bread Have Captured the Taste of Ireland in a Can

/ June 6, 2024

Wicklow Wolf and Brennans Bread Have Captured the Taste of Ireland in a Can

Words: Hannah Lemass

Wicklow Wolf and Brennans Bread have come together for a second year to craft the Sliced Can, encapsulating the nation’s two favourite carbs: bread and beer.

Brennan’s bread is THE icon of Irish nostalgia and the ultimate sense memory trigger. You can picture it now, can’t you? Childhood crisp butty picnics on the beach and after-school jam sandwiches. The crinkle of the wrapper between your fingers as you undertake the sacred ritual of the supermarket freshness check squeeze. More than bread, it’s a cultural touchstone, a slice of tradition. Now enter Wicklow Wolf: the epitome of modern Irish brewing. Unafraid to push boundaries and embrace the unconventional. Together, they make the perfect team, partnering up on this bread-venture of fun and flavour.

The Beer:

Wicklow Wolf has a history of pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in their brewing. While they never lose sight of their main mission to brew exceptional beers without compromise, they’re not afraid to get experimental, and we love that about them. Their Crossbreed Series of brews has seen some unique partnerships in the past. I don’t think anyone saw the Brennans and Wicklow Wolf match coming when they got together last year, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Brennan’s is an intrinsic part of Irish life, a part of all of our memories. The pillowy white loaves are synonymous with the simple pleasures of growing up and living in Ireland. Of course, it should be celebrated in every way imaginable.

Not only is the Sliced Can a very fun concept, but it’s also a beer you can feel good about. Wicklow Wolf is using surplus Brennans Bread instead of malted barley, which cuts down on food waste! In fact, Wicklow Wolf is known for consistently doing its part to act sustainably, and sustainability is sexy. They brew using electricity from their whopping 120kW solar panels. Not only that but for every twelve cans they sell, they plant a native Irish tree. So with each sip, you’re helping to save the planet. We’ll drink to that.

The beer itself is a vegan lager, light and refreshing, and an ideal addition to your bag of cans this summer. The flavour has a balance of fruity notes that dance along your palate while a malty backbone pulls it all together.

The Sliced Can is available nationwide at SuperValu, Dunnes Sores, Tesco and at good independent off-licenses for a limited time only so make sure you get yourself a can and try it for yourself while you still can. Remember, for every can bought, a tree will be planted.

Cheers to the ultimate culinary combo: beer and Brennan’s bread.

Please drink Wicklow Wolf responsibly.

Visit drinkaware.ie for more info