Food / November 22, 2023

Tony’s Chocolonely Drops Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

Food / November 22, 2023

Tony’s Chocolonely Drops Ethical Christmas Gift Guide

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Press

Tony’s Chocolonely ushers in the festive season with their array of ethically sourced choco treats.

Tony’s Chocolonely’s specially curated Christmas range is the ultimate choco-holics dream because it’s both full of chocolatey goodness and supports a cause close to the heart. Tony’s doesn’t mess around; they’re on a mission toput an end to child labour in chocolate production. Plus, they’re all about that Fairtrade cocoa, so you can enjoy your sweet fix guilt-free.

From the much-anticipated Countdown Calendar to the Christmas Tasting Pack, and the adorable Tiny Tony Gift Box and Tiny Tony Christmas Pouch, Tony’s Chocolonely has created a lineup that captures the spirit of the season. Perfect for stocking fillers, secret santa or spoiling yourself. Each treat is not just a delicious indulgence but a commitment to socially responsible practices.

Char’s top picks include Tony’s take on the Advent calendar. It’s like the moral high ground in a box. This calendar oozes with colourful “Tiny Tonys” in ten flavours. Behind each nook and cranny, you’ll find a mission statement that’s all about making the world a better place, one bite at a time.

The Christmas Tasting Pack is perfect for anyone who likes a bit of everything or is on a mission to end injustice and exploitation in the chocolate industry. It comes with one of each flavour in one of each colour and looks as beautiful as it tastes.

Sian’s top pick is the little vegan bars in the Tiny Tony Christmas Pouch. They bring bite-sized joy and big social change. Perfect for anyone on the flexitarian spectrum who happens love a shareable little treat.

More than just a chocolate brand, Tony’s Chocolonely is an impact company on a mission. Since 2005, they have been dedicated to eliminating inequality in the chocolate industry. By building direct, long-term relationships with cocoa farmers in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire, paying a living income reference price, and addressing the root causes of modern slavery and child labour, Tony’s Chocolonely is leading the way towards a 100% slave-free chocolate industry.

This Christmas, Tony’s Chocolonely invites yiz to make a conscious choice. Opting for any of their bits brings joy in the traditional chocolatey form but also helps keep actual children safe and contributes to a more equitable and ethical supply chain. By supporting Tony’s Chocolonely, you’re not just buying chocolate; you’re joining a movement that advocates for fair practices and supports cocoa farmers in West Africa. Plus the packaging is so merry and bright.

You can pick up any of this range from Dunnes, Tesco, Supervalu, Fallon & Byrne, direct from Tony’s online, Arnotts, Brown Thomas and independent retailers nation wide.

  • Countdown Calendar  €13.99.
  • Tiny Tony Christmas Pouch €5.99.
  • Tiny Tony Gift Box €5.99.
  • Christmas Tasting Pack  €9.99.
  • Littl’ Bits €3.49.

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