Food / August 14, 2023

The Price of a Pint is Going Up … Again

Food / August 14, 2023

The Price of a Pint is Going Up … Again

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: George Voronov

Diageo, the almighty overlords of Guinness and other beloved draught beer brands, have decided they’re raising the price of a pint by a four cent from today, August 14!

This increase applies to all their draught brands. So whether you’re a fan of Guinness, Carlsberg, Smithwicks, Harp, Rockshore, or Hop House 13.

Of course, Diageo has their reasons. Predictably, for anyone living through this cost of living crisis, they cite rising costs. According to their spokesperson, they’re dealing with increasing input costs across their operations in Ireland. Like literally everyone.

But it could have been worse. Diageo is kind enough to generously manage and absorb some of these costs. But as with all things, this can only go so far. To ensure their business remains “sustainable” they’ve written a heartfelt letter to their customers in the on-trade, notifying them of this tragic 4-cent increase on draught beer list prices.

This is their second increase this year; back on February 1, they had to hike prices by 12 cents per pint. So now, with this recent increase, we’re looking at a grand total of 16 cents more per pint.

But hey, don’t think Diageo is alone here. Their rival, Heineken, has been in on this price-raising game too. Over the past year, they’ve managed to stick it to us with a 17-cent hike in prices. So at least Diageo is slightly less than Heineken. Hooray for small victories!

We can also expect price increases from Irish Distillers in the coming months too. According to one source, “€2-€4 per case depending on product”. While this has yet to be announced or confirmed, it has been on the lips of many in the bar trade. Which usually means were not long from an official announcement.

So, my fellow pint drinkers, get ready to dig deeper into your pockets for that refreshing pint of goodness. Capitalism and its ilk are here to remind us that even the simple pleasure of enjoying a drink comes at a cost—literally.

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