Food / July 20, 2022

SOUP Ramen and SOUP 2 launches new menu with vegan ramen

SOUP Ramen Image: SOUP Ramen
Food / July 20, 2022

SOUP Ramen and SOUP 2 launches new menu with vegan ramen

Words: Ellen Kenny

SOUP Ramen and its sister restaurant have released gluten-free and vegan-friendly dishes.

Already renowned for their ramen, both at their Dun Laoghaire branch, SOUP Ramen, and their latest opening, SOUP 2 in Smithfield, there’s now new menus to enjoy at each location.

The restaurants known for their ramen dishes, both small and large, and cocktails have expanded their recipes to suit more dietary requirements.

The classic signature ramen remains with its personalised seasonings, sauces and extras. The small plate Deep Fried Kimchi also stays on. It is served with green herb dressing and beetroot ketchup.

The ramen bars’ new dishes expand on their complex flavours and simple comfort foods. The new Teriyaki Pulled Pork Bao, for example, is a slow-cooked pork belly, crispy onions, fermented red cabbage and chili sesame mayo. The Kimchi Mussels and Crab Roll are also new additions to the menu.

The menus are also now more vegan and coeliac-friendly for customers. Vegan options are available for over half of the new menu options. The restaurants are also now offering Teriyaki Cauliflower Wings, made from tempura batter cauliflower florets in teriyaki sauce and served with roast nori and wasabi vegan mayo.

SOUP Ramen opened their first store in Dun Laoghaire’s George’s Street Lower in June 2018. They’ve since become a favourite of the area, and are known for their deep fried kimchi and classic ramen dishes.

SOUP 2 opened in January 2021 in Smithfield to allow Northsiders in on the ramen-fuelled action.

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