Food / May 8, 2023

‘Rise & Grind’ Coffee Brewing Workshops for Beginners

Food / May 8, 2023

‘Rise & Grind’ Coffee Brewing Workshops for Beginners

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Cool Hand Coffee Roasters, known for their quality coffee beans sourced from all over the world, have just announced their new range of coffee workshops. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced barista, these workshops will give you the ultimate insider knowledge on all things coffee.

The three courses, which cover brewing, latte art, and roasting, are perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the science behind making the perfect cup of coffee. You’ll get hands-on experience with some of the best in the business and come away with a newfound appreciation for the art of coffee making.

According to Luke Creigan, the idea for the workshops came from customer demand. “Our customers were asking us when we were going to start workshops, and we couldn’t wait to share our passion for coffee with them,” he said.

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The workshops take place on Saturday afternoons at the Upper Baggot Street store and last for three hours. Due to their popularity, you’ll need to book your spot online in advance.

So, what can you expect from each workshop? The Introduction to Home Coffee Brewing Workshop covers all brewing methods and is aimed at coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. For those looking to up their latte game, the Introduction to Latte Art workshop will teach you the fundamentals of creating basic designs, before moving on to more advanced techniques. And for those who want to take things to the next level, the Roasting Fundamentals Workshop will give you the skills and knowledge needed to roast your own coffee at home.

All workshops are priced at €50 per person, with the Roasting Fundamentals Workshop priced at €75 per person. And if you have a group of up to 10 people, you can even book a private session.

Cool Hand Coffee Roasters are an artisan coffee roastery located in Dublin, and they take their coffee seriously. They conscientiously select the best green coffee importers from around the world and ensure that their farmers are paid fairly. They then hand-roast their beans in-store to provide customers with the perfect cup of coffee.

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