Food / November 15, 2023

Rí-Rá and Conbini Condiments Collide in Saucy Affair

Food / November 15, 2023

Rí-Rá and Conbini Condiments Collide in Saucy Affair

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Press

Rí-Rá Irish Lager has partnered with the Irish flavour maestro behind Conbini Condiments to birth a hot sauce that’s as Irish as a pint of Guinness. Brace your taste buds, because ‘sRí-Rácha sauce’ is about to drop.

sRí-Rácha sauce is scarcer than a sunny day in Dublin. A super limited small batch has escaped brewery clutches and can be snagged at Rebel & Ruse in Belfast and Sonny’s in Greystones.

sRí-Rácha is a uniquely Irish take on the revered Thai sauce that combines the fiery dance of red chilli, red pepper, garlic, and ginger with the smooth notes of Rí-Rá Irish Lager, all tied together with a splash of rice vinegar.

In a statement made to Char, Darren from Rí-Rá recounted the sauce’s origin story: “I was whipping up a recipe one night and thought, ‘Sriracha’ has ‘Rí-Rá’ in there. Why not give it an Irish twist with our beer?” And thus, sRí-Rácha sauce was born. The Rí-Rá brewery team quickly became obsessed, hoarding the super-limited stock like it was liquid gold.

“I was cooking a recipe one night and realized ‘sriracha’ had ‘Rí-Rá’ in there, so I figured an Irish take on the sauce using our beer could work,” said Darren at Rí-Rá. “It’s genuinely been hard to keep some of the sauce away from the brewery team. It’s so good.”

If you’re wondering what this magical elixir pairs well with, the answer is pretty much everything – chips, nachos, chicken, veg, or, as they suggest, your fingers. It seems there’s nothing sRí-Rácha won’t enhance.

The label, a visual feast in itself, comes courtesy of Irish designer Éimear O’Keane. For those eager to get their hands on this liquid gold, keep an eye on @Ri.Ra.Beer’s Instagram for giveaways in the coming days.

Rí-Rá Brewing Co. are all about fresh, light, and local lager brewed in Wicklow. They proudly declare their commitment to celebrating the best bits of modern Ireland, summed up in the unpredictable divilment that the Irish are so renowned for.

Conbini Condiments, founded by the culinary wizard Holly Dalton, brings a Japanese twist to Irish tables. Inspired by the Japanese concept of yōshoku (western food), Conbini’s pantry staples, including the legendary Katsu Ketchup, are designed to add a dash of Japan to your kitchen. Their logo, a work of art by Irish talent Kathi Burke (@fattiburke), pays homage to Japanese Convenience Stores or konbini, the unsung heroes of Japanese food and culture.

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