Food / June 21, 2023

Otherside Festival Introduces ‘The Roast’: A Banquet Experience to Level Up Your Festival Game

Food / June 21, 2023

Otherside Festival Introduces ‘The Roast’: A Banquet Experience to Level Up Your Festival Game

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Otherside

Indulge in Next-Level Festival Dining and Entertainment at Otherside Festival’s Banquet Experience

In the picturesque setting of Slane’s rolling hills, Otherside Festival has taken festival dining to new heights with the launch of their banquet-style event, ‘The Roast.’ This exciting addition promises a culinary experience fit for kings, queens, heathens, and pagans alike. The Roast is elevating the festival game to a whole new level. Hosted by the renowned team at Happy Endings, ‘The Roast’ aims to tantalize.

The humble roast has come into her own in the past year, living her fifteen minutes. Having Happy’s go all in with a flavourful eastern twist on the classic roast is the ultimate next level up for our gal the roast. Dishes include a choice between cumin & treacle cured roast beef, char siu rock farm porchetta, or a jungle curry cauliflower steak. Each of them sounds like they could rock any boat in the biz.

It’s the trimming that’ll get you hawt under the buttoned-down-to-your-navel collar. These include miso onion, parmesan mash, dirty butter roasties, and bone marrow pho gravy. There’s also a selection of veggie and vegan trimmings, including a hispi cabbage and veggies with harissa marmalade.

Inspired by the vibrant East Asian food that made Happy Endings a sensation, ‘The Roast’ is set to deliver an explosion of flavours that rivals their famous Jimmy Burgers. The menu boasts the best quality local ingredients. All are carefully selected to create delectable dishes that showcase the diverse culinary heritage of the roast. Festival-goers can savour the “Ultimate Dining Experience” from forty-five euros per person. A worthwhile investment for those flavour-bomb-seeking music lovers on a festival adventure.

You can also add a selection of drinks pairings for just twenty euros. The creme de la creme, though is that it comes through with the jelly and ice cream dessert in two schtyles. Ten out of ten for the nostalgia alone.

To ensure an intimate and immersive dining experience, Otherside Festival encourages guests to book their tables in advance. The banquet tables, arranged in a long family-style seating arrangement, foster conversations and social interactions among festival-goers. With limited table space available, securing that rezz is as vital as if you were hitting up Chapter One.

Obviously, the festival’s eclectic music, arts, and comedy lineup are the main draw. That said, ‘The Roast’ adds an extra layer of entertainment to the festivities. On Saturday, a Live Drag Show will captivate the audience with excitement and outrageousness. Sunday’s Live Trad Session in the banquet hall promises an enchanting atmosphere and immersive cultural experience. These unique performances perfectly complement the indulgent banquet feast. Each is set to create moments to tell your ma about later.

Happy’s Roast takes pride in utilizing delicious, locally sourced Boyne Valley ingredients wherever possible. Thus ensuring a sustainable and unforgettable dining experience. From the flavorful main dishes to the tantalizing sides and trimmings, festival-goers can expect a classic banquet-style feast that satisfies them.

The long table banquet-style seating arrangement encourages communal dining and lively conversations. Groups can book their seats together and are advised to arrive together to secure seating beside one another. Guests with allergies are urged to notify the restaurant in advance, and allergens will be clearly marked on the menu.