Entertainment / October 24, 2023

Here’s How You Can Support Palestine this Week

Entertainment / October 24, 2023

Here’s How You Can Support Palestine this Week

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: George Voronov

At the weekend, thousands of people took to the streets to stand in solidarity with Palestinians and voice their opposition to Israel’s military actions in Gaza. This impactful event was organized by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, with support from representatives of People Before Profit, Sinn Féin, and the Social Democrats.

If you want to support the Palestinian people this week there is one big way to support. Head to Shaku Maku in Rathmines on Thursday.

Plates for Palestine – Shaku Maku, Rathmines

In this time of need, you are invited to join Shaku Maku on Thursday, October 26, to raise funds to help the people of Gaza.

Adnan Shabab, a Palestinian man who’s been living and working in Dublin for the past 25 years opened Shaku Maku in February of last year to honour the recipes of his grandmother. The restaurant offers dishes from the Middle East, many of which are traditional dishes from Palestine.

Speaking about Plates for Palestine, Shabab said “the last few weeks we’ve watched a disaster unfold in our homeland. The loss of human life is unbearable. Our family and friends at this moment are sheltering in schools. From grassroots movements to the highest echelons of power, Ireland always shows up for Palestine. Your empathy, and your compassion as people, make us proud to call Ireland home.  

“In our time of need, we’re asking you to join us at Shaku Maku on Thursday 26th of October to raise money and help the people of Gaza. Eat some Palestinian food, and bring your friends,” he continued.  

Each plate purchased will go directly to the Palestinian Red Cross to help deliver much-needed aid to the people of Gaza.  Reservations are encouraged and you can book your spot now here.

Enjoy some authentic Palestinian cuisine, bring your friends, and rest assured that all proceeds will directly support The Gaza Emergency Relief Fund. The support of individuals means the world to them, and they greatly appreciate your help.

This initiative, on top of these brilliantly attended protests, highlights the compassion and unwavering support of the Irish people for a nation thousands of miles away. Whether through dining, donating, or marching, there are numerous ways for you to be part of this movement. Stand with Palestine, and let your actions speak louder than words