Food / July 28, 2022

Here’s how you can get poitín in a can

Food / July 28, 2022

Here’s how you can get poitín in a can

Words: Shamim de Brún

Little & Green is a new Irish drink that brings poitín to the party for only a few euros.

They contain no artificial sweeteners and are vegan and gluten-free, with an ABV of 5%

These sparkling canned cocktails are the latest innovation from the creatives at BAR 1661 and Craft Cocktails. These sparkling canned cocktails are inspired by local flavours tailored to an Irish palate. They are made with what could be the most authentically Irish spirit; poitín.

Made with two of Ireland’s leading poitín brands, Mad March Hare and Bán, the range launches with a pair of big-on sparkling flavour cocktails. Sneaky Orchard is a Collins-style drink. It tastes like ‘a harvest festival of ripe pear, crisp apple, and elderflower’. Shady Bramble is inspired by Ireland’s deep, dense hedgerows and bursts with wild juicy blackberry, raspberry, and violet flavours.

Mad March Hare is an award-winning Irish Poitín from Intrepid Spirits, the best-selling poitín brand in the United States. Embracing the resilience and Celtic character of the Irish hare. This iconic but endangered native has inhabited the Irish countryside since the last ice age, adapting and fighting to survive; much like poitín makers. Mad March Hare uses only locally sourced malted barley. It is triple distilled in small copper pot stills in West Cork.

Bán, founded in 2012, was a pioneering brand of the current poitín revival. Created by the owner of BAR 1661 and poitín aficionado Dave Mulligan. It has gone on to become a bartender favourite throughout Ireland. Produced with The Echlinville Distillery using a grain-to-glass approach which saw the brand crowned ‘Ireland’s Best Poitín” three years running. Creators of the modern Irish classic ‘Belfast Coffee’ cocktail, Little & Green is Bán’s latest offer in contemporary poitín products.

BAR 1661 is home to the world’s largest selection of poitín. They describe themselves as a “staunchly Irish cocktail bar in the heart of Dublin 7”. The team at BAR 1661 source from the island’s innovative producers and the local community of Dublin’s city grocers. Six months after opening in April 2019, BAR 1661 won Ireland’s Best Cocktail Bar at the Irish Craft Cocktails Awards.

In October 2020, BAR 1661 poured their knowledge into the Craft Cocktails’ range of premium bottled cocktails. Made with natural ingredients and premium spirits, the colourful range has won multiple awards since launching. It is now available at over fifty venues and retailers nationwide.

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