Food / March 15, 2023

Cut the Craic: Alcohol Ban for Dublin City’s St Patrick’s Day

Food / March 15, 2023

Cut the Craic: Alcohol Ban for Dublin City’s St Patrick’s Day

Words: Shamim de Brún

A voluntary alcohol ban on alcohol will be in effect for pubs and off-licences in Dublin city centre until 16:00 on Friday.

It will mean that no pubs or off-licences corner shops, or supermarkets will sell alcohol between Parnell Square and St Stephen’s Green. Controversially the ban extends to alcohol being taken into the city centre on public transport.

This actually happens every year, albeit to less fanfare. Assistant Garda Commissioner Angela Willis said alcohol vendors had made a “very significant contribution” in supporting previous St Patrick’s Day celebrations by keeping them closed until at least 16:00.

Patrick's Day Temple Bar

While the ban is opt-in, it is generally adhered to. Commissioner Willis added, “we know from previous experience that this is a significant contributing factor to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for everyone”.

This explains why there are always those cursed few hours between the end of the parade and the beginning of evening shenanigans on the day itself.

There are always some spots that don’t opt-in to this kind of restriction, but they’ll be hard to find among the throngs of people tomorrow. If you’re stuck for a drink, you could always grab brunch and a beverage of your choice from any one of Dublin’s culinary establishments.

On top of that, the gardaí will be operating a ‘cordon’ around Temple Bar after the parade to stop overcrowding in the area, according to The Irish Times.

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