Food / October 28, 2022


Food / October 28, 2022


Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Asahi

Japanese classic Asahi Super Dry is to be celebrated in a ‘Beyond Expected’ event this November at Opium Botanical Garden.

During the evening, guests will experience the Super Dry refreshing taste of Asahi Super Dry, Ireland’s top Asian Beer. Brewed to the authentic Japanese recipe, Asahi is well known for its signature two-part pour and ‘Karakuchi’ taste.

The event will run across two sittings on the night – the first at 17:30 and the second at 20:30. Earlier event includes hosted Karaoke session. The second session will feature a Live DJ set with Marcus O’Laoire, though all ticket holders are welcome to join.

Each guest will also get to pour their own pint on top of a ten-course Yakitori Omakase meal paired with Asahi Beer.

When Asahi Super Dry was introduced, it brought an entirely new genre of beer to Japan and then to the world. The beer was brewed to deliver a dry, crisp taste and a quick, clean finish.

Yakitori is traditional Japanese bar food that’s akin to chicken skewers but with more vibrant flavours. Omakase means selected by the chef. When combined together, these words mean a multi-course casual-style meal paired with Asahi beer.

Through intelligent butchery and grilling, Yakitori turns chicken into not one but many ingredients. Skewers of the inner thigh are seared over intense heat until their edges are dark brown. The darker meat that’s fatty enough to stand the heat and stay juicy gets a completely different treatment than the breast, which is kept farther from the flame.

Guests will experience a traditional meal using the best Irish free-range chicken, cooked live over Binchotan Charcoal on Konro grills. Konro grills are made with a special insulating material that helps reflect heat back into the grill, making the temperatures more consistent. Binchotan Charcoal burns at extremely high temperatures, ensuring quick sears for meat and fish. Binchotan burns without smoke due to its purity. Japanese Binchotan Charcoal burns cleanly and without flames. Food grilled over Binchotan retains its natural flavour and moisture. It never smells burnt.

There are at least two distinct kinds of pleasure in eating a variety of yakitori. The obvious one is the excitement of the open-fire, open-air yakitori cooking accompanied by a live chef demo. Running parallel to this is sensory: This is sweet, this is delicate, this is crunchy, this is very crunchy foods combined with the refreshing beer.

You can get tickets for this once-off event here. Tickets cost €54.00 for the 17:30 sitting, which includes karaoke, and €49.00 for the 20.30 sitting. Reservations are open and strictly limited.

Please drink Asahi responsibly.

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