Best Looking Things to Eat in Dublin This Week 03/07/23

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Is it just us, or are summer dishes the sexy-looking dishes?

We’ve consolidated all the best-looking bits into one handy article for your care and attention. So if you’re looking to eat in Dublin this week, then this is the list for you.



Poutine Fries – Chimac

Chimac is always a knockout. If you are looking for a bowl to love and love you back, then this is the dish for you this week. It is CHAR’s little treat of the week, made up of cut fries, ssamjang cheese sauce, adobo gravy, twice-fried free-range chicken, and Szechuan spice mix. It has all the bits you need to satisfy even the hungriest of beasts. But notched up a bit, so you know it’s here to play with your notion of flavour. It lands on the scale somewhere between Canadian poutine and a spice bag with all the joy of both. We know it’s hard to go to Chimac and not order a burger, but just this week, try it. It’s worth the punt.


Salmon Sushi Selection – Sushi Sakai Dublin

Brazilian sushi is its own whole thing. Brazil has had a substantial and vibrant Japanese population forever a hundred years. So of course, they were going to have a take on the OG Japanese, just like we have our spice bag.

Brazilian native Carlos Sakai has been known to whip up creations like tuna temaki, crispy salmon and prawn rolls. Even somewhat bizarrely delicious Nutella and Kiwi sushi for dessert. With a whole lot of Brazillian craic on the side

A lot of their sushi revolves around salmon. Which means when made with Irish salmon, it’s bound to be a winner. The fierce close weather we’ve been having of late is perfect sushi weather too. So if you’re looking to try something a bit different in Dublin this week, this platter is the one for you. And maybe a friend – it’s way more filling than it looks.


Churros Cake – Daddy’s

It’s no secret that we are Daddy’s fans. But we can’t help it when they keep churning out knockout after knockout. Look at this badboi. It’s sweet enough to melt your heart and shatter your sweet tooth. Which is everything we look for in a dessert. It’s a full-on fiesta of cinnamon, dulce de leche, and dreamy, gooey caramel. Would pair perfectly with an iced americano and a long lunch.


Pork Ribs – Firehouse

So technically, Delgany is Wicklow. But we are equal-opportunity eaters here in CHAR and think if it’s on the dart line, we can and should include it. Especially if it looks that good. Brace yourself for the divine green wonder that is Char Sui Glazed Ribs with Miso Buttered Corn and Sweet Potato Fries. This rack packs a jab-jab-cross like no other. Just look at that picture and tell me you’re not salivating, just thinking about hightailing out on the DART this week.


Sausage Roll – Fabel & stey

There are some weeks when all you want is a sausage roll. A joy so pure and a flavour profile so uninhibited by society’s relentless modernisation and reinvention. Sausage rolls are enigmatic triumphs of food and deserve to be coveted as such. Is there ever a week where you don’t think to yourself, “Maybe I’ll get a little sausage roll as a treat”? I doubt it. Well, this is your sign to lean into that thought and go for the titular sausage roll and feast on the glory of pastry-wrapped pork made fresh by the best at Fabel & Stey.

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