One of Everything: Taco Libre

Words: Shamim de Brún
Photography: George Voronov
Artwork: Paul Smith

One of Everything is a new series by Char where we go to the newest spots and try one of everything on the menu. On this week’s One of Everything: Taco Libre

Taco Libre is the latest venture by Galway Bay Brewery company and marks their first foray into Mexican food. The spot is located in the old beerhouse spot at the very end of Caple street. The decor is vibrant in a blue aesthetic complimented by candy skull artwork. You can grab a bite at Taco Libre from midday to eight in the evening daily.

Taco Libre is perfect for the student group. It has enough tables to suit large groups. There are cocktails, wines, beers, spirits and enough variety on the menu to accommodate an eclectic group of people with varying dietary requirements. The portions are sized well for sharing with groups. It’s ideally located for a quick jaunt into late-night bars such as Workmans.

What Occasion

Located right by Cineworld it’s perfect for the cinephile who wants a few nibbles before and a few drinks after a trip to the cinema. The staff are friendly and welcoming but casual, so it’s a perfect spot for a Friday night. You can go from dinner to drinks seamlessly without moving venue or them needing the table back for the next sitting.

Best thing we ordered

The Papas fritas’. These Mexican cubed potatoes came with homemade chilli jam, crema and queso fresco. The dish was a great size and perfectly balanced with the jam bringing sweetness and spice. The cheese gave a touch of salt without overpowering it and the crema gave the dish a silky creaminess to balance the fluffiness of the potatoes. Overall a wonderful shareable dish that was excellent value at only six euros.

Price Point

It’s very affordable. The tacos come in at four for a tenner, which gives you a whole extra taco for the same price as other spots. It’s all small plate sharing style, meaning you’re not married to the main course or an early bird. Everything on the menu is less than a tenner except for the Bola Chili, making this menu the most affordable of Galway Bay’s Dublin offerings.

Unique Selling Point

They have an extensive selection of Irish and international craft beers to pair with your tacos. The tortillas are homemade. The nachos are freshly fried and come with two sauces and a guac, so you can play with combining the many beers on offer with the salty, saucy, crunchy nachos for less than a tenner.

Honorable Mention

The Bourbon Milkshake. Conceptually there’s something undeniably captivating about its fusion of a childhood treat and an adult indulgence. Also, it tastes fantastic. Bourbon always has a touch of vanilla from the oak it was aged in. The vanilla ice cream is obviously full of it. Together it made a brilliant boozy dessert worth coming back for.