Best Looking Things to Eat in Dublin This Week 19/06/23

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Is it just us, or are summer dishes the sexy-looking dishes?

We’ve consolidated all the best-looking bits into one handy article for your care and attention. So if you’re looking to eat in Dublin this week, then this is the list for you.



Lambay Island Lobsters, Mussel & Leek Butter – Michaels

This is the summer of seafood. We know the fresh seafood gets trotted out every summer, but this summer is its time to shine brighter than a Rhianna and Calvin Harris banger. Irish shellfish and butter are truly a match made in gastronomic heaven. Here Gaz’s marriage of Irish butter’s indulgent richness in the form of hollandaise with the delicate brininess of the shellfish creates a luxurious balance that is deeply satisfying. Now just add a little bread or some chips on the side with a lovely glass of wine, and you can’t help but have the best of times.


Doughnuts – Fable & Stey

A selection of doughnuts is the move this week. These handmade ditties have all the whimsical charm associated with Home Simpspon’s favourite snack but with much more debonair flare than the mass-produced variety. The joy of sinking your teeth into a warm, freshly fried doughnut is unparalleled. The aroma alone can transport you to a place of comfort and happiness. The delicate, golden crust that gives way to a tender, fluffy interior is a testament to the artistry and skill involved in creating this humble indulgence. Whether it’s a classic jam doughnut or an Oreo cream, or my personal favourite chocolate orange. The sheer versatility of flavours and textures ensures there’s a perfect doughnut for every craving.


Miso Mazemen Ramen – Nomo

When you think of ramen, you probably imagine glistening wheat noodles in a milky broth, topped with the perfect jammy egg and bean sprouts. But what if we told you that there’s a new ramen boss in town? One who dares to defy convention and do away with the broth altogether? This newer type of ramen has no broth at all. Mazemen, which directly translates to “mixed noodles” in Japanese, includes all of the basic ingredients of ramen without broth.

The low-key geniuses at Nomo have done it again. Kevin and his team of flavour perfectionists have brought Japanese summer to Dublin in the form of their new Miso Mazemen Ramen. Nomo’s Miso Mazemen is saucy, packed with umami and fresh as fugg. It’s a tasty masterpiece fit for the gods. So, if you’re a bit of a renegade and want to try something new and exciting, head on over to Nomo and give the Miso Mazemen a taste.


Pineapple Pizza – Pi

Controversy be dammed. This looks so sexy it’d get you hot under the collar with just a wink in your general direction. Never a team to bow to the demands of the internet food police Pi always march to the beat of their own record. Notice the perfect balance of colour in that picture? Does it not look like something you have to have?

The crust, leopard print golden and crisp, acts as the foundation for this extraordinary pie. It’s topped with pork and cooked to tender perfection. Nestled amongst the meaty goodness, you’ll find the controversial pineapple chunks. But what truly sets this pizza apart is the peanut rayu. Oh, the peanut rayu! A fiery blend of roasted peanuts and chilli peppers drizzled generously across the pizza brings a touch of heat and a rich, nutty depth of flavour. As pizza goes, you can be sure this will be a mind-blower.


BBQ Langoustine Skewers – Mr Fox

Food on sticks is part of the joy of summer. Now elevate that joy, and you will get these magnificent BBQ Langoustine Skewers. The succulent langoustines, glistening with the rich soy glaze, charred to perfection on the grill, beckon with their smoky allure. The creamy Kewpie mayo adds a luxurious touch, balancing the tangy sweetness of the glaze. The nutty wild rice adds a delightful crunch, while the vibrant chives lend a refreshing, herbaceous note. And let’s not forget the seductive sesame seeds, toasting to a golden brown, imparting a nutty aroma that elevates each bite. This, my friends, is the pinnacle of culinary craftsmanship on a stick. It is definitely the thing to eat this week.

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