Best Looking Things to Eat in Dublin This Week 17/05/23

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

May is here, and so are the sexy-looking dishes. We’ve consolidated all the best-looking bits into one handy article for your care and attention. So if you’re looking to eat in Dublin this week, then this is the list for you.


05 Cantabrian Anchovies Focacccia

A Fianco

 Tinned anchovies, tuna and sardines have been enjoying a surprising renaissance recently. But if you don’t wanna commit to the whole hog of a tin then this is the gateway drug for you. We’re talking about Focacccia topped with creamy burrata, salty Cantabrian anchovies, wild garlic pesto, and a zing of lemon. Now, let’s break this down. First off, the focaccia – it’s like a fluffy cloud of bread that’ll make you weak at the knees. Then, the burrata enters the scene, all creamy and luscious, ready to seduce your palate. And those Cantabrian anchovies? They bring the perfect salty punch that’ll keep you coming back for more.

This wild garlic pesto, made from foraged greens in the gorgeous woods of Kildare, adds a unique, earthy twist that’ll make you feel things. And just when you think it can’t get any better, a squeeze of lemon brightens up the whole party.

04 Egg Bowl

Tír Deli

It’s cutting season, and we’re all on the hunt for the next macro-focused food that tastes like we’re not in ketosis. Well, look no further than Tír Deli’s new egg breakfast pots. Look at that beautiful egg pot with perfectly cooked eggs nestled in a pot, surrounded by crispy bacon and earthy roast mushrooms. And let’s not forget that hot sauce, adding a fiery kick that’ll get your metabolism revved up. Oh, and those pumpkin seeds? They’re like little nuggets of crunchy goodness that’ll have you reaching for more. This bad boy is packed with protein, flavour, and all the good stuff to keep you shredded and satisfied.


Salad – Phoenix Café

It’s time to indulge in some refreshing greens. And boy, do I have a treat for you. Introducing the Pear, Cashel Blue Cheese, Roasted Walnuts, and Rocket Salad from Phoenix Cafe. Pear and Blue Cheese have been long-term bedfellows without ever really committing in a classic matrimonial style. They’re more like that on-again-off-again couple that should end up together but just like to keep their options open too much to ever get down to it. But damn does that drama taste good in a salad. The sweetness of the pears perfectly balances the richness of the blue cheese, while the walnuts add that extra oomph of texture. Plus, that rocket will make you feel all fancy and sophisticated like you’re lounging in a sunny Mediterranean garden.


John Dory Platter – Michael’s

Listen, if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that we will take literally any excuse to eat in Michael’s. But this Roast Whole Irish John Dory Platter is something that beyond needs experiencing. John Dory is a delicious fish with delicate white flesh and a firm, flaky texture. A saltwater fish, it has a mild, slightly sweet flavour. It’s a seasonal fish that always takes its moment in the sun. Now imagine that cooked by the fish maestro himself – Gaz Smith. Why wouldn’t you be making a rezzy for Michales right the hell now?

01 Ragu


This is the picture of a Ragu that might tempt me to order a ragu dish. Usually, I’m a cheesy pasta girl, but every so often, a ragu comes along that tempts me, like a Siren beckoning to Odysseus. It oozes Italian decadence and looks so good I can almost smell the basil from here. Sometimes you can’t beat an OG, and this is an OG fit for the High Kings of yore. They would have loved pasta, to be honest.

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