The 5 Best Chicken Burgers in Dublin Right Now

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Irish people know their chicken. We are steadfast consumers of mountains of the stuff in all its various forms, but the chicken fillet burger has a particularly-special place among Dubs. 

In 2016, three million chickens were sacrificed every week to sate Irish appetites. In 1960, the World Health Organisation surveyed Irish consumption of all poultry. It found that we ate 6kg each a year. By 1980, that annual figure had reached more than 20kg for each. Most recent figures show it standing at 22kg, which is wild when you think about it all the way through.

There’s a je ne sais quoi quality to the combination of juicy chicken and crispy, crunchy, fried coating bound together in bread and gussied up in whatever which-way you want. The mere mention of a chicken burg sets off cravings. Most of us don’t need to think much further than that – we know we want to eat it. According to the Gastro Gays’ excellent book Hot Fat, “There is a certain alchemy when something delicious is submerged in hot oil. It fundamentally changes – texture, colour, size, even aroma – creating a wonderfully crisp edible barrier.”

For a long time, the chipper was the only player in the chicken fillet burger game. Now, however, it is a veritable smorgasbord of standard options and available burgers. It’s hard to see the wood from the laminate flooring in the chicken burger ether. There are many places out there slathering subpar dry chicken in buffalo sauce and calling it brilliant. But, thank the deity of your choice, we are in the golden age of the crunchy, juicy, fried chicken burger. We’ve scoured the streets, tapped into the underground chef network, and feasted our way through Dublin’s chicken burger scene to bring you the definitive list of the top five spots that won’t leave you clucking for more.

In a city where chicken burgers reign supreme, these five spots stand out as true titans of taste. So grab your napkins, loosen your belts, and get clucking you cluckers.

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