Table Wine to Close

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: George Voronov

Kevin Powell and Brian O’Keeffe announced they will shut Table Wine on November 19 on their Instagram today.

They said, “The decision was very very hard, but we need to give time and space for our amazing team to find other places to go and be amazing in! And to be responsible with how we wind down service in an environment that is ultimately incredibly difficult to trade in”.

This energy crisis is only the latest in a series of crises to hit the food industry. With raising food prices, astronomical rent, and staff hard to come by it’s easy to see how many of our favourite businesses will choose to shutter rather than weather a winter and come out with debt.

They went on to say, “We truly feel we have one of the funnest, most solid, dynamic and creative teams in any restaurant in Ireland, they have been super understanding of the overall situation and their support has been incredible and heartwarming. The next 4 weeks will be an emotional and gastronomic rollercoaster. We couldn’t ask for better people to do it with.”

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Table Wine opened to much fanfare earlier this year. The fourth venture from the dynamic duo after Loose Cannon, Meet Me in the Morning, and Reference Coffee. Table Wine is a spot for flavour hounds. The menu is handcrafted decadence at its seasonal pinnacle.

You can still make a reservation and catch this place before it shutters, and believe me you should.

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