The 5 Best Date Night Restaurants In Dublin Right Now

Keeping the romance alive amid so many obnoxious distractions can be tricky. The siren song of doomscrolling is harder to ignore than we care to admit, and there’s always something new worth watching on the streamers. There’s also always the tried and tested heavy petting on the couch before bed to fall back on without ruining your hard-won night-time routine.

But every once and a while it’s nice to dig out the aul glad rags, remind each other that yiz also scrub up pretty well and go flirt over some food in a dark corner while quaffing some juice. Promise yizzerselves you won’t mention the dishwasher war until you’ve at least finished your mains and hit up any of these spots for a good clean fun date night with the love of your life.

If you’re specifically looking for somewhere for First Date Drinks, we have a guide for that in the works.

Be it your weekly date night or a big occasion date, this guide has got you covered.

So there you have it, five date night destinations that’ll have you falling in love with each other (and Dublin) herself all over again.