Char Guide to Dublin 7

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: George Voronov

With Ireland in its post-covid era, a shift has raised the collective aspirations of localised culinary culture and turned suburbs into must-go destinations. Empowering small businesses has been Square’s mission for many years. Square offers an all-in-one solution to help people run their businesses and accept payment quickly and securely. With that in mind, we’ve decided to come together with Square to celebrate our local businesses. So we’re bringing you this new Char Guide to the neighbourhoods of Dublin.

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Officially Dublin 7 is the ​​North West of the city centre. It features Smithfield, Stoneybatter, Arbour Hill, Broadstone, Cabra, and Phibsborough among others. It also lays claim to the best parts of the Phoenix Park. But you don’t need a guide to tell you that. 

It is conveniently serviced by more busses that I should name in a guide it is also supported by the red and green Luas lines. So it is a more than approachable destination for almost anyone with a leap card. Meaning it’s perfect for a day out. 

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Between galavanting at Wellington Monument, catching a movie at the Lighthouse, visiting Jameson Distillery Bow Street, and heading down the canal for a few cans; here are the four spots you should hit up on your day in the D7 hood. 

Kick It Off With Breakfast at


Established in 2013 by entrepreneurs and coffee enthusiasts Conor Higgins and Amie Costello, Oxmantown has flourished. It has a devout clientele of locals and regulars whom the staff seem to know by name.

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This is the perfect spot if you are walking to Dublin 7 from the city. Located just at the border of where Dublin 1 ends and Dublin 7 begins, it takes up the mantle for one of Dublin’s most loved areas with pride. It slings some serious coffee. Amateurs and connoisseurs alike will find their favourite cuppa on their list.

Kick-off your day in Dublin 7 with the best black pudding sandwich in all the land at Oxmantown. Made up of Jack Mc Carthy’s black pudding, Oxmantown’s homemade pickles, aioli, and tomato relish with rocket leaves on Firehouse granary, it is a perfect breakfast that you can hold in your hands. The layers of flavour make for a wholly joyous escape and are worth going out of your way for. This bad boy will set you up for a hearty day whether you’re going for a whiskey tour or spicy jaunt. 

Grab a glass of wine with lunch at

Love Supreme

Love Supreme is a boutique cafe wine bar that plays host to some seriously delicious juice. Be it made from beans or grapes whoever is designing the menu here has a serious taste level. The spot itself is ideally located at the far end of Manor Street. It’s perfect if you’ve just spent your morning enmeshed in the greenery of the Phoenix Park and fancy a treat.

So buy me a boa and drive me to Reno because I recommend you go all out and have two glasses of wine with lunch. Make Emily Gilmore proud by hitting up simply the best place to drink wine in Dublin 7. 

Come for the exposed brick walls and hanging succulents; stay for the decadent artisanal sausage rolls. There is a mostly unknown joy in pairing sausage rolls with wine. In places like Love Supreme, they have all kinds of different ‘sausage’ rolls with various fillings. Made in their in-house bakery with flavours you might not expect – lamb, cranberry, lemon and sriracha, and pork, pear, and walnuts with cardamom, to name but a few.

Pastry and wine were made for each other, so it’s about finding the combination that works for you. If there are a few of you, I’d recommend you each get a different glass of wine and a different sausage roll, chop them up and play what pairs best. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon. The somms and baristas at Love Supreme all know their list well and would gladly help you match up flavour profiles. It’s a simple and fun way to while away a rainy afternoon.

Stock up on some fun at

Drink Store

If you are living it up on the student budget, fear not. Dublin 7 still has a lot for you. Why not pick up some funky beers at Drink Store and head to Carnew Street to pose like a Spice Girl? Famously, the quintessential 90s girl group, filmed their mega-hit ‘Stop’ down by this quiet street in Dublin 7. So why not walk down Carnew Street between meals with your mates and get some creative snaps over a few cans.

Drink Store has the most eclectic range of cans in the area. This locally owned and operated spot is not to be missed, encompassing everything from a bargain bin to high-end barrel-aged beauties. So on a sunny day, it’s the ideal place to get a mix and match bag-o-cans with the lads before you make the pilgrimage to the canal and partake in the classic Irish tradition, canal cans. 

Finish by stopping in the most agreeable local pub

The Glimmer Man

Established in 1989 and named for the man that kept an eye on your gas usage during World War II, the glimmer man is the tallest building in Stoneybatter. Like most Irish people, the spot is eclectic, friendly and a bit strange. There is so much space with so many turns it feels like being in an Irish version of the labyrinth, but with pints instead of David Bowie. The image of Charlie Haughey and Maggie Thatcher hanging out in a bed affixed to the ceiling is nearly reason enough for a visit alone.

There is a bar area, a lounge area, and an ‘out the back area. The bar is forever filled with locals who like to be left in peace, but the back is where it’s at. Recently they’ve done extensive work incorporating a taxi/boat that gives Bernard Shaw vibes – a reflection of the Dublin 7’s ever-growing arts culture. At the moment, this taxi/boat is host to pop up Vietnom. 

Opening days and hours may expand if there is good weather so overall it’s a great way to cap off a day in Dublin 7 without spending a fortune.

We’ve come together with Square to celebrate our local businesses and bring you this new Char Guide to the neighbourhoods of Dublin. Learn how Square can help your business –

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