Best BBQ Joints to Celebrate The 4th of July

Words: Hannah Lemass
Images: Instagram

Howdy, pilgrims! It’s time to strap on your star-spangled finery and grab a fistful of freedom. Today is the 4th of July, and the best way to party like it’s 1776 is to chow down on some supersized BBQ. That’s how the forefathers did it, they grilled, knocked back Budweisers, and set off fireworks with reckless abandon. While fireworks in Ireland are a no-go, you can still indulge in the time-honoured tradition of eating BBQ.

We’ve got a little list for you here of the best places to get a BBQ fix so you have the most Yankee Doodle Dandiest day ever, even if you’re not celebrating America’s birthday. It’s always good to have a list of BBQ joints on hand. Let’s face it, not all of us are cut out to be pitmasters. Maybe you don’t have a garden, grill skills, or maybe you’re just lazy like us. These spots will steer you right with the most rootin’ tootin’est brisket, burgers, and dogs around these parts, y’all.