Food / September 29, 2022

Wear Your Coat to the Pub and Get 20% off

Food / September 29, 2022

Wear Your Coat to the Pub and Get 20% off

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Unsplash

Phibsboro’s Doyle’s Corner is offering a discount on food to customers who wear their coats when the heating is turned down every Tuesday.

In a Facebook post, they revealed they’ll be turning their heating down every Tuesday in October as gas and oil prices continue to soar. That said, “a bag of coal gone from €16 a bag to €33. We thought now might be a good time to launch our new Tuesday promo. Bring yer coat and get 20% off your food bill.”

The Dublin 7 pub, like most hospitality businesses, is coming up against the energy crisis head first. While the government announced an energy crisis bumper package on Tuesday, it falls far short of the massive increases the industry is facing.

We commend them on their innovative approach to the crisis. The bar has become well known among sports fans and locals for its innovative promotions. This probably isn’t the only creative solution they have up their sleeves.

About the Bar

The most unusual select honour you can earn in Dublin is to have a street corner named after you. It seems only to happen to pubs such as this. We have Hanlon’s Corner, Hart’s, Kelly’s, Leonard’s and of course Doyle’s.

Doyle’s Corner used to be “Dunphy’s” and was actually mentioned in Ulysses for its prominent role in city funerals. It has, however, been called Doyle’s Corner for many years. There are written records of it being called Doy’s as far back as 1904. There must have been a period when it was known as both.

These days it has undergone another generational change and manages to be an Instagram-able wings and beers Gatsby-esque lounge while also having a traditional pintman bar section.

You can book a table for chill Tuesdays in Doyle’s Corner here.

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