Food / November 7, 2022

Another Dublin Restaurant Set to Close Due to Current Crisis

Food / November 7, 2022

Another Dublin Restaurant Set to Close Due to Current Crisis

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Winedown will be open for the last time on Saturday, November 12.

The Burgoneing Economic Crisis has claimed Wine Down as its latest victim. The little mid-pandemic offshoot-that-could has been forced to close for the foreseeable as it’s not economically viable at the moment.

Winedown started out as the sister restaurant to toastie shop Meltdown. Taking over at night to serve up globally inspired small plates using seasonal Irish produce. Head Chef Fergal Egan has been “at the helm of the kitchen” since January 2021, according to their website.

The team announced the closure with a throwback image to their opening. It said, “this day two years ago, I opened Winedown for the first time with a party to celebrate my marriage registration”.

Maeve went on to talk about how optimistic she had been about the project but that “over the past two years, Winedown has done enough pivots it makes my head spin just thinking of them. Trying anything to survive past covid times, only to land in these times!”

She acknowledged that “unfortunately, like so many other businesses, Winedown is not financially viable in this climate”.

Many rallied around Maeve and her team in the comments. Katya from Proper Food said, “Maeve I’m going to congratulate you first on your baby news. Because hurray for new life! But I am very sorry to read about Wine Down.”

Junior’s said, “Very sorry to hear this. Had one of the best meals all year in there a few months ago. Great food and a brilliant young team. The only thing to do now is batten down the hatches for the next while and see how things are in a few months/year.”

You can still grab a table at Winedown this week. If you want to get in, be sure to grab a reservation.

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