Best Looking Things to Eat in Dublin This Week 26/09/22

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

This week is looking pretty scrumptious if the food is anything to go by. From textural delights to the last of the summer tomatoes, this is a week to snack on.

We’ve compiled all our favourite bits into a big ‘ol list for your convenience.


White Chocolate & Pistachio Croissant – PÓG

White chocolate and pistachio is a tasty AF combo. Who doesn’t appreciate pistachios? They are quite possibly the best nut in the bunch. Maybe not as widely used as peanuts, but some would say tastier. Throw in fresh, flaky pastry with white chocolate and a smattering of raspberries, and you have a perfectly indulgent morning treat for the week.


Tomato, Red Onion and Vegan Pesto Salad – Phoenix Café

The last of the summer salads never looked so fresh and tasty. If there is any time to make a tomato salad, it is now. Tomatoes are in full bloom in this country, and you can find them in abundance. Even the supermarkets are full of them, multi-coloured, shining like the rainbow. You can make them the main event the first time of the year and get their flavour’s fullness. Here the Phoneix Café put the tomatoes they grew centre stage in a dashing and well-seasoned salad. It makes for the perfect supplement to any dish or topping a slice of their homemade bread. Either way, it’s an ideal treat for the season.


Ham and Cheese Toasty – Black Berry

You can not beat a cheese sandwich, but you can elevate it by adding a bit of ham. What makes a good cheese toasty is made when you think about how much cheese there should be and double it. Here they have done just that. Something about the cold creeping in screams the most beautiful time for a cheese sandwich: I mean, look at that cheese pull.


Chicken and Waffles – Juniors

Chicken and waffles are so good together. Drizzle some maple syrup over the duo, and you have the kind of brunch that makes you forget what a mess America is. Juniors know how to fry a good piece of chicken; it’s always an excellent balance of crispy and juicy with a spice that makes you forget about the Colonel’s secret recipe. Waffles are the carbs that tie this whole thing together. Just look at how they beckon. If you are looking to comfort eat this week, this is the dish for you.


Pulled Pork Bao – Soup

Bao is a perfect snack. This one combines all the best textures. Most of us obsess over the flavour of everything from ice cream to chocolate – but the professionals know that crispiness, creaminess, and chewiness are just as important. The team behind Soup know this. From their deep-fried kimchi to their vegan ramen, they’ve always had their eye on texture. This badass bao looks like it has everything you want—soft fluffy bao. Juicy pork. Crunchy slaw. A veritable one-two punch of a snack this week.

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