Valentine’s wines for every couple

Words: Shamim de Brún

Valentine’s wines are special. Wine makes us all lovey-dovey. A few glasses of vino provides everyone worldwide the opportunity to profess their love and showcase their affection. Wine is as diverse as the people who made it and have as many pairing options as the people who drink it. Here is a list of 6 wines that pair with the various types of couples of Valentine’s Day.


The New Couple

So you’re only together a wet day, but you are together all DTR’ed and shipped like the Santa Maria and off to discover the New World. No pressure. If you’re only getting to know what you are into, why not keep it chill with a rosé? Once derided as a ‘girl’s drink’ by the wine elitists, Rosé has gone on to be almost universally liked. Try the Cote Lavant Rosé from Domaine le Novi for a juice that tastes like Whispering Angle without the price point. Pink wines make the perfect Valentine’s wines.

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The couple who have been together for a whole era.

Congratulations, if you are a part of a mythical couple who grew together and formed strong bonds, I tip my beanie to you. Because you likely know every freckle and cows lick about you, why not try something new and off the wall together this Valentine’s Day and go for a Hungarian wine. I’m talking Tokaji. Tokaji is going through a phase where no one knows about it even though it was once so popular and imitated that fake versions of it were consumed by people such as Jack Kerouac. It comes in sweet, dry, off-dry or fizzy. Go for the sparkling to add an extra sparkle to the day.

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The Couple who can’t keep their hands off eachother

So you can’t keep your hands off each other. We hear you. We get it—what a time to be alive. If you’re going to be going rounds, you don’t want anything too high in alcohol. That will just hinder you. So why not try a low alcohol pet nat. Refreshing citrusy flavours with a fizz that gives you a light merry buzz. Perfect if you’ve got a whole rake of chocolates to indulge in too. There are a thousand ways to skin this particular cat, but an affordable and supple one is the Sampagnine Rosa, di Bulli.

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The couple who are obviously office colleagues having a secret affair

You dastardly duo. I’m sure there are couples as ethically dubious as this paragraph and do you know what pairs exceedingly well with dubious? Decadence. If you’re going balls to the wall you could lose it all. In that case you may as well go all-in on it. Get the old wine that costs a month’s rent. Let it decant and taste this once in a lifetime phenomenon. Get a Château Lafite Rothschild from 2005. Drink the juice that is probably made from Bacchanalian tears. Don’t tell anyone about it.

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The couple who just had a huge fight

It happens to us all. The pressure of a holiday can get to anyone, especially one that’s all about being happy and in love. However, if you’ve had an ill-timed fight and want to rally in time to celebrate, then there is a wine for that too. It’s called Burgundy. To be more precise, Burgundy is a place that makes exceptional wine. I genuinely believe a bottle in the rolling hills past Beaujolais and before Dijon has the key to all resolutions. So instead of an olive branch, extend a vine. Try this Ambroise Pinot Noir, and I’m sure all your strife will melt into yesteryear, and resolution will rise like the sun.

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For the couple who go all-in for Valentines

We all know a couple who love celebration. Any excuse to buy each other presents and treat themselves to something special. So true to form, I am going to recommend Champagne. Who cares how unoriginal it is, Champagne is the sparkling grape juice synonymous with celebrations. There is a reason it’s a stereotype, and the reason is that it is good. This Rosé de Meunier Champagne from Laherte-Freres hits the pink fizz on the head with expert precision. At only €56, it is a steal when you consider that the nearest competitor Moet Rosé is €68 in O’Briens.

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For the couple that are just friends but want in on the craic

Valentine’s Day is about love, and love isn’t limited to its romantic expression. Friends can love each other as deeply and keenly as a romantic partner despite what society would have you believe. So celebrate your love for one another with a magnum. A magnum is a double size bottle of wine. Always so much fun to open. If you’re looking to get a bit boisterous in a new way, this is the way to go. You can get magnums anywhere. Most wine shops and even supermarkets will have one or two. I’d go with a magnum of Clos des Sixte Lirac because Rhone is where the fun is.

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