Celebrate Oscar Wilde’s 166th birthday with signature ’16’ cocktail

At District, it’s extremely important to celebrate creativity and the arts in Ireland. With the upcoming birthday of one of Ireland’s most famous and prolific writers, we teamed up with Wilde Irish Gin to share a cocktail for Oscar Wilde’s 166th birthday.

The home grown company of Wilde Irish Gin are releasing a cocktail in celebration of the literary giant’s birthday. Wilde was without a doubt the most eloquent and urbane figure in Dublin at the turn of the 20th century, the epitome of bougieness. 

This Friday October 16, Wilde Irish Gin are releasing cocktail kits to toast the playwright. The kits include the ingredients and recipe of the Wilde 16, a zingy gin cocktail that matches the flamboyant personality of its influencer. Fear not if you’re not accustomed to cocktail making, the lime, elderflower and prosecco cocktail kit is accompanied with a link to a step-by-step tutorial from Wilde Irish Gin’s very own Stuart Cullen.

The cocktail kit, which retails altogether at the same price as the bottle of gin, includes the recipe, ingredients and instructions for Wilde 16 alongside the 700ml bottle and a copy of Wilde’s masterpiece ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’. The kit will be available from The Celtic Whiskey Shop, online and in its Dawson Street store. Shop local and support Irish businesses like the Celtic Whiskey Shop, which has been at the heart of Wilde’s bohemian Dublin for over fifteen years.

Wilde Irish Gin’s unique bottle plays on the Dublin writer’s larger than life character, always accompanied by his walking cane. Wilde’s hand grips tightly to the bottles lid, which doubles as his cane. The gin is enclosed in an amethyst purple Italian Murano glass bottle (trés fancy). It’s opulence brings to mind the decadent circles in which Oscar Wilde moved.

Indulge yourself with the Halloween classic ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’. With lockdown perpetually hanging over us the thought of a delicious gin and a good read as the nights get longer is hitting the spot!

Wilde Irish Gin appreciates the importance of the arts. And creativity is ingrained in their ethos. But, for them it is not just an ethos, they have set up the Oscar Wilde Foundation. Using Oscar Wilde’s own words as a motto, “success is a science: if you have the conditions, you get the results”, they support the arts, especially during this tumultuous time. Through proceeds from every bottle of Wilde Irish Gin, the company supports the arts and creativity by the means of grants, scholarship and donations to collectives and individuals. 

Pick up your cocktail kit instore at The Celtic Whiskey Shop or online via this link.

Enjoy Wilde Irish Gin responsibly. For more information visit drinkaware.ie.