5 Best Looking Things To Eat In Dublin This Week: 07/02/23

If you’re looking for a reason to enjoy some delicious and visually appealing meals this week, then let me give you one. You deserve it, dahling!

Life is too short to eat bland and uninspiring food. If you’ve got the opportunity to indulge in a meal that’s both tasty and good-looking, then you should go for it. So live a little, and enjoy some food porn this week.

05 Mac & Cheese Suppli

Cat & Cage

Mac & Cheese Suppli are like the rebellious little sibling of American ‘cuisine’. They’re a fun and playful twist on a classic comfort food dish. They take the creamy and cheesy goodness of mac & cheese and encase it in a crispy breadcrumb shell. They’re like a bite-sized party in your mouth, packed with all the flavour and comfort of mac & cheese. This week embrace your inner child and enjoy these fun and tasty little balls of mac & cheese at Cat & Cage. They may just be the best American food invention since the hot dog!

04 Leek and Guinness Rarebit

Daddy’s Dublin

This dish has all the personality and charm of the Irish and the welsh. If you’re looking for something different but not too different, then the Guinness and leek buck rarebit from Daddy’s is your port of call this week. It’s a special that was so popular it got extended. So you know it’s gonna be tasty. It’s like a warm hug in a bowl – comforting and satisfying. The creamy cheese sauce, infused with the bold flavour of Guinness and the bite of leeks, is smothered over a thick slice of bread. It’s a dish that’s equal parts fun and sophisticated, like a cocktail party for your taste buds. So go ahead, give in to temptation and enjoy this delicious dish that’ll make all your comfort food dreams come true!

03 The Frenchie

Brother Hubbard

if you’re looking for a brunch dish that’s got flair and personality, look no further! This bougie French Toast is the brunch equivalent of a red carpet moment. The Frenchie at BH Ranelagh’s got all the class and sophistication of a fancy brunch but with a playful twist. Think thick slices of bread soaked in a luxurious egg-custard mixture and then griddled to perfection. Topped with nuts, chocolate and lashings of cream with a drizzle of syrup to round it out. It’s like brunching with the stars but without the paparazzi! So go ahead, live a little and treat yourself to this brunch dish that’s got the looks and the taste to match.

02 Chocolate & Pistachio Tart

The Old Spot

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth and make all your dessert dreams come true, this Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Tart is the real deal. It’s got all the rich and indulgent dark chocolate. The crunchy and oh-so-tasty pistachios. The sweet and creamy roasted banana ice cream, and the playful honeycomb crumb. It’s like the dessert version of a wild party – all the flavours and textures are just having a good time together. So be a rebel and enjoy this delectable dessert that’ll make all your fantasies a reality.

01 Truffle Glazed Veal

Chapter One by Mickael Viljanen

Sometimes there’s nothing else for it; you just have to go balls to the wall fancy. If you want to impress your taste buds and turn heads, this is the way to go. It’s got the luxurious truffles, the tender and oh-so-delicious veal sweetbreads, the sophisticated chestnut honey vinegar and the distinguished Vin Jaune. It’s like the culinary equivalent of a designer outfit. It just exudes class and finesse. So go ahead, and treat yourself and your palate to this visually stunning and mouthwatering dish this week!