The 5 Best Coffee Date Spots in Dublin Right Now

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

We love a coffee shop date. Not because we secretly think caffeine is an aphrodisiac or because the hum of a milk frother is basically Barry White to our ears, but because a coffee date gives you flexibility. If the date goes well, you can casually move on to drinks or dinner; and if it’s a hard pass, you can be on your merry way without needing a mate to call you about a ‘very real emergency that is happening right now’.

I will stand by my previous assertion that the best date spot is somewhere you don’t foresee yourself running into anyone you know in the real world. So we’ve steered clear of the city centre because anyone who is as ‘about town’ as a Dublin Creative is bound to run into someone at any given café between the canals. So pick the one that’s the furthest away from your gaff/school/college/nanny’s house and have at it, safe in the knowledge that every spot on this list slings a decent coffee and a tasty pastry.

So here are the best coffee shops in the greater Dublin area that are perfect for a cheeky first date.

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