General News / August 12, 2022

Where to get free water refills in Dublin

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General News / August 12, 2022

Where to get free water refills in Dublin

Words: Ellen Kenny

As we enter the weekend of yet another heatwave, make sure you know where you can get free water and stay hydrated.

The current heatwave is ending this weekend, by the looks of it. So we have a few more days to enjoy this sun. But it also means there’s a few more days we need to look after ourselves.

Hotter weather means we need to hydrate more regularly. But when you’re out and about, you don’t have the space to carry multiple bottles. You also don’t have the money to buy a new bottle of water every time you’re thirsty.

Different websites have offered a solution to this. We’ve put together a list of these maps so you can stay hydrated while you’re out in Dublin.

Tap Map

Tap Map is a website and app from Refill that tells you where to find fresh, free water refills around Ireland. Locations advertised on Tap Map in Dublin include a free Refill tap at the Great Outdoors on George’s Street and the water filling stations scattered Trinity College, which is open until midnight during the summer.

Tap Map also recommends coffee shops like Insomnia and cafés like Tang that refill water on request. But that involves bothering customer service staff on some of the hottest days of the year, so steer clear if possible.

Ecofil Water

Ecofil offers contactless water refills around North Dublin. You can top up your bottle without even touching the station, an idea Ecofil came up with during the pandemic. You can also avoid that embarrassing moment when you overfill the bottle and get water all over yourself.

Ecofil locations in North Dublin include DCU, outside Dublin Zoo, Malahide Castle, and several Fingal locations.


Dublin City Council

Our overlords are kind to us. Dublin City Council has several refill stations around town. When you’re out, you can find state-mandated drinks from Clarendon Row, Dundrum Town Centre, St. Anne’s Park and Marlay Park.

Connolly and Heuston

Both train stations offer refill stations before the ticket barriers. Connolly’s station is to the right of the entrance, while Heuston’s free water can be found next to AMT Coffee.

Happy water-hunting everyone, and stay hydrated.

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