Food / May 10, 2023

Vegan Cookbook Author Bear Grylls Comes Out Against Vegetables.

Food / May 10, 2023

Vegan Cookbook Author Bear Grylls Comes Out Against Vegetables.

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Instagram

Grylls has gone viral on Twitter for coming out as an anti-vegetable eejit while promoting supplements made from offal. Bear Grylls is a paid spokesperson for beef organ supplements ‘Ancestral Supplements’.

The famed adventurer is most well known for drinking his own piss —and whatever else he needs to survive.  Once a major proponent of veganism, Grylls has since switched over to an animal-based diet heavy in red meat. It’s also laden with dairy. GQ chatted with Grylls to talk about intermittent fasting, seed oils, and why he hates nuts and vegetables in 2022.

He went on to say he “thought that was good for the environment, and I thought it (veganism) was good for my health. And through time and experience and knowledge and study, I realised I was wrong on both counts.” He called out vegetarian and vegan foods that contain seed oils, labelling them “horrific” and “so processed.” He also said that foods containing palm oil and soy oil are “terrible for the environment.”

It’s unclear whether he is aware that circa eighty per cent of soya is used to feed livestock which goes on to be the meat we eat. Or even that bacon is a class one carcinogen, the same category as tobacco smoking and asbestos.

GQ reported in 2022 that Bear Grylls, had given up Veganism fin favour of butter and liver. But this is the first former vegan on record to swing the whole hog and say vegetables are actively bad, joining the Jordan Peterson school of thinking. In a post, he said: “I’m often asked my secret to having the energy to tackle some of life’s toughest challenges? Nutrition is key, as is resistance training, sunlight, cold water and fun community.”

In a video accompanying his tweets, where he appears to endorse Ancestral Supplements, he said: “The way I build all of my meals is around really good grass-fed, good quality meat – red meat. I always threw in a bit of liver as well, every few days. Good grass-fed, good-quality liver. There’s so much research going into this of actually how much we a need red meat, and how nutrient-dense liver is. I try to pick the really good grass-fed, quality stuff. Then, lots of raw dairies, as much fruit as I can, and good quality honey.

I don’t have much bread and pasta. And I just try to avoid the processed food that is full of so many of the damaging seed oils. I also supplement with Ancestral Supplements. Check them out. That’s because the truth is we need more organs than just liver. We should be eating the pancreas and heart and all of that sort of stuff – testicles, all of that. So good, ancestrally and naturally.”

This diversion away from veganism mirrors a global trend that has also seen the closure of many Dublin vegan restaurants, including Vegan Sandwich Co and Veginity. Google data backs this up and shows vegan and vegan-related Google searches declining.

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