General News / September 2, 2022

Twitter is finally introducing the edit feature – for €5 a month

Image: Unsplash
General News / September 2, 2022

Twitter is finally introducing the edit feature – for €5 a month

Words: Ellen Kenny

It turns out fixing your spelling mistakes and spreading misinformation is only a privilege gifted to the rich, according to Twitter.

Twitter is launching an edit button for the first time after years of debate whether the feature was appropriate for a website known for viral posts and misinformation.

The catch, however- right now it is only available for Twitter Blue subscribers. Which is five euros a month and not even available in Ireland. So you’re going to have to double check every Tweet for just a bit longer.

The social media site explained they want to test the feature on a small group of users first. They plan to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of Edit Tweet, as the feature will be called, before unleashing it upon the entire website.
Ominous promise from the birds in blue

Twitter’s editing features

Twitter is already erring on the side of caution with this long-awaited yet controversial feature. Twitter is the de facto soapbox for politicians, CEOs and journalists alike. So the website has a responsibility to ensure that an edit feature will not be taken advantage of by its largest, more controversial users.

Many raised concerns that users might edit their trending tweets to include misinformation. They also raised concerns that users might wipe any controversial things they have said to cover their own tracks without having to delete previous Tweets.

Twitter has already accounted for this potential problem. The edit feature will only allow users to edit their tweets within 30 minutes of posting, and all previous versions of the tweet will be available to view.

Other social media sites of days gone by have seen huge repercussions from an edit feature. Back in 2015, social media site Tumblr had a feature that not only let you edit your own posts, but posts of users that you “reblogged”. This then led to acclaimed author John Green leaving the website after his posts were edited to say incredibly offensive and embarrassing things.

At least Twitter seems to be learning from the mistakes of its competitors.

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