Food / April 4, 2024

The Bear Season 3 Sneak Peak Leaks

Food / April 4, 2024

The Bear Season 3 Sneak Peak Leaks

Words: Shamim de Brún
Images: Via Disney

Fans are scavenging social media this week like treasure hunters, trying to unearth even a crumb of intel about Season 3 of FX’s The Bear. Lo and behold, they’ve struck gold!

A sneaky 53-second clip from Disney’s shareholders meeting popped up online on April 3, giving these magpies a taste of what’s to come. Faster than I could write this, the clip mysteriously vanished into the internet abyss. Cue the dramatic music.


A clip from The Bear season 3 was released without permission to the public today but it was removed from the internet! That would be the first trailer from the new season… but somehow it was not supposed to go online this early! . . #thebear#thebearseason3#thebearfx#thebearhulu#seriesrecommendation #fxnetworks #seriestiktok #fyp

♬ som original – IZZY

Currently we don’t have an exact release date for this hotly anticipated season yet. But mark your calendars for sometime in June because that’s when the kitchen drama is expected to hit Hulu like an explosion.

Season 2 left us hanging with the grand opening of The Bear, a swanky new joint promising to elevate Carmy Berzatto and Sydney Adamu’s game. Forget about background noise; food media is stepping into the spotlight this time around. In the leaked snippet, we catch Neil Fak and his brother, Ted, scheming in the restaurant’s inner sanctum, gearing up to unveil a surprise for Carmy.

In the clib there was a ‘wall adorned with portraits’, supposedly showcasing every major food critic, according to Eater. Complete with quirky captions courtesy of the Fak brothers. The clip also features the mysterious Eliza’s snarky comments about room temperature water preferences and even a case of mistaken identity involving a certain Philip Smart.

FX swooped in just as we were really getting excited with a fair and valid reality check, claiming the clip wasn’t meant for public consumption. Will this juicy scene make the final cut? Your guess is as good as ours, folks. Get yizzer popcorn ready because the culinary rollercoaster is about to kick into high gear come June.

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