Food / December 7, 2021

Ralph’s and Hen’s Teeth Collaborate on new Cream Liqueur

by Mark McGuinness
Food / December 7, 2021

Ralph’s and Hen’s Teeth Collaborate on new Cream Liqueur

by Shamim de Brún

Ralph’s and Hen’s Teeth launched a new special collaborative edition cream liqueur The Hot Ralph. The Hot Ralph is also known as The ‘Miso Oreo Ralph’. It’s made to be supped hot or cold over ice.

The new offering “tastes like an Oreo & a Terry’s Chocolate Orange hooked up at an Osakan Izakaya” and arrives in store tomorrow, Wednesday, December 8.

This collaboration with Ralph’s is one in a long series of Irish drink collaborations for Hen’s Teeth. There are only 200 bottles of this Irish Cream Liqueur available. Ralph’s is an Irish brand making original cocktails. Created by Dublin designer and artist, Jordan Ralph, his flagship drink is The White Ralph.

Miso Oreo Ralph’ is an Irish plant-based vodka cream liqueur. Born out of a love of White Russians, this small-batch, Dublin-made cocktail contains a smooth blend of malted almond milk, mixed with generous measures of orange and cream liquors, miso, Oreo, and a secret ingredient. It clocks in at ten per cent abv and comes in a 1-litre bottle that theoretically serves 8 drinks.

Hen’s Teeth is a shop, gallery & café on Blackpitts in Dublin 8. Established in 2015 they work with local and international artists to create original artworks. The cafe uses locally roasted coffee and serves natural wine. Their menu is seasonal, affordable and diverse.

Irish cream liquors have enjoyed a resurgence of late. Sales grew by 26.5 per cent according to the Irish Spirits Market Report. Irish cream liqueur is protected by a Geographical Indication similar to Champagne.

The Hot Ralph RALPH’S X HEN’S TEETH is on sale this week. As always bottles are batched, numbered, and strictly limited. They can be delivered anywhere in Dublin or collected from Hen’s Teeth in Dublin 8.

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