Food / July 20, 2022

Plant-based deli “Pretend” opens on Blessington Street

Image: Pretend
Food / July 20, 2022

Plant-based deli “Pretend” opens on Blessington Street

Words: Ellen Kenny

The co-owners of Veginity are launching a 100 per cent vegan restaurant and butchers, Pretend, in Dublin this year.

Vegan takeaway Pretend has opened on the site of the former takeaway venue, Vish.Shop, in Dublin 7. The new deli makes it easy and affordable to be kind to yourself and the planet.

The delicatessen offers 100 per cent plant-based meat alternatives. Customers can enjoy these curated meals in a variety of grab and go takeaway dishes.

Co-owners Mark Senn and Ingrida Baceviciute have carried out research into exactly what vegan products tick the boxes for meat-loving consumers. Together, they realised that consumers can more easily digest plant-based meat alternatives rather than entirely new dishes.

The Menu

Pretend offer featured meals such as Pretend ‘Ham’ & Cheese, Chorizo Split and the wonderfully-named Chick-arn’t Fillet Roll. The chicken alternative is a juicy seitan and soy fillet in a Kentucky-style panko crumb coating.

Fans of the former Vish.Shop takeaway will also be happy to hear that their classic recipes are back. Cauliflower wings and chips remain with three different combos on the new Pretend menu, along with their classic Tandoori Masala and original BBQ.

Along with their vegan deli, Pretend have launched an old-school butchery. Customers can buy items plant-based produce from the counter by weight and cut. They can even choose exactly how they would like it to be sliced so you can prepare whatever plant-based home meals you want.

Pretend Pop-up

To mark the launch of Pretend, Veginity will also hold a pop-up shop on their premises on the last Sunday of every month. These pop-ups will showcase an ever-changing menu full of fresh meat-alternatives for all tastes.

Tickets for the pop-up are 25 euros. It will run on a first-come, first-served basis, and customers can reserve a spot on Veginity’s website.

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