Food / August 22, 2022

New Speciality Café Opens in Dublin 8

Food / August 22, 2022

New Speciality Café Opens in Dublin 8

Words: Shamim de Brún

Images: Instagram & Unsplash

Flower & Bean is an artisan bakery that opened on Friday on Cork Street.

According to their website, Flower & Bean “came from passion, commitment and hard work”.

​The team is a trio of coffee and baking aficionados; Gregory, Marta, and Henrique. Gregory and Henrique are coffee evangelists who have covered every aspect of coffee culture. From roasting to professional coffee slurping.

Their passion is for the highest quality coffee. For them, according to the website, “standing at the end of this chain of connections, representing all these people is a great responsibility. A responsibility we gladly take. We solemnly promise we would never serve coffee we wouldn’t like”. 

Cake Box

​Marta is a classically trained baker who runs Cake Box, a business that delivers artisanal cakes for soirées, weddings, and decadent weekday treats.

She considers baking art and science. With Flowers & Bean, she will head a team that takes “traditional recipes and twists them to the next level, with all our knowledge, experience and lunacy”, according to the website. The team use flowers not only for decoration but also for flavour.

​The team “believe quality is more important than profit maximisation” and maintains that they “don’t cut corners”.

This team will also offer courses in coffee making and baking. No dates have been announced yet, nor have prices. But keep an eye on their Instagram and website for more information.

You can also drop into the cafe from tomorrow at 07:30.

Flower & Bean

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