Food / September 14, 2022

La Bodega Tapas will reopen next week

Food / September 14, 2022

La Bodega Tapas will reopen next week

The Ranelagh Tapas bar will reopen on September 20 for dinner service; the Ranelagh institution initially closed on December 18 2021.

In late January, the people behind La Bodega opened a new venture instead called Babette. The brasserie was inspired by Dutch Oscar-winning romance Babette Feast which was released in 1987. The film revolves around a sumptuous feast prepared by a local family’s maid named Babette that brings a small community together. It was the first Dutch movie ever to win an oscar.

While they started this new venture in place of La Bodega, many locals missed the original tapas spot. The people behind La Bodega shared that while they thought they needed a change after eleven years, they recognised the customers missed what made the place so special for that time.

So La Bodega will reopen in its OG location with its OG captains, but the place will look a little different.

In an Instagram post, they said of their return:

After 11 years and serving over half a million people, we thought maybe it was time for a change… turns out our customers thought differently! You spoke – and we listened and so we decided to come back. There’s always been something truly special about La Bodega, something which can’t ever be recreated, and so it’s time it came home again to Ranelagh. From the buzzing atmosphere and tremendous guests, to the incredible Spanish food and stunning wines, all of which conjure up beautiful memories of holidays gone by.”

Since they announced the reopening they have received a flood of supportive emails, which they have shared on their Instagram.

According to the website La Bodega “reflects the wonderful tapas bar culture of Spain. Eating and drinking in a social, warm and welcoming environment. Nestled in the heart of Ranelagh”. Their menu is seasonal with changing daily specials.

Expect classics like patas bravas, Gambas al aijilo, Tortilla Española, and the more unusual Garbanzos and Morcilla. The wine list will focus on Spanish wines but will also feature some Portuguese numbers.

You can make a booking HERE.

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