Food / October 26, 2023

Jameson Drop New Afro-Caribbean Inspired Whiskey

Food / October 26, 2023

Jameson Drop New Afro-Caribbean Inspired Whiskey

Words: Shamim

Images: Press

Meet Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats, a 21-year-old wonder aged exclusively in Caribbean rum-seasoned casks. It’s strictly limited with only 2,900 bottles available.

To me, it tastes like a cross between a barmbrack with a solid amount of butter and a pineapple upside-down cake; a truly unique whiskey.

This sonic juice is the newest jewel in The Jameson Anthology, following the success of the Jameson 15-Year-Old Single Pot Still. Caribbean Beats is the brainchild of Master Distiller Kevin O’Gorman, who took single pot still and single grain Irish whiskeys and placed them in Caribbean rum casks sourced from Barbados for over two decades. Then, O’Gorman made an audacious move, ageing the whiskey for another three years in Selección de Maestros Havana Club rum-seasoned casks. The result? A fusion of flavours that includes brown sugar, vanilla, orange zest, and mango notes, while retaining the DNA of Jameson.

O’Gorman was thrilled with the outcome, stating, “We found the sweet spot where the rhythm of the Caribbean meets the beat of the Irish drum.”

Angela Coral Medina, a Brewing and Distilling Specialist, further added, “Maturation in rum casks creates a delicious and unique flavour that brings together spice, earthiness, and sweetness while complementing the traditional fragrant, floral, and fruity notes that are synonymous with the much-loved Jameson style of whiskey.”

Caribbean Beats is an homage to craftsmanship from Ireland, the Caribbean, and Cuba. With tasting notes that include warming spices, chocolate-dipped honeycomb, citrus, and coconut shavings, it’s a harmonious fusion of flavours that are set to redefine the whiskey landscape. Bottled at 46% ABV, this limited edition is available for €280 per 500ml bottle, with only 2,900 bottles up for grabs exclusively online.

Jameson Remixed Caribbean Beats is a symphony of flavours that challenges the conventional, and it’s ready to be the soundtrack to your next adventure. With only 2,900 bottles available, don’t miss your chance to own a piece of this unforgettable fusion.

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