General News / September 13, 2023

Here’s How to Celebrate Negroni Week In Ireland!

General News / September 13, 2023

Here’s How to Celebrate Negroni Week In Ireland!

This year Ireland is joining in the fun with Negroni Week kicking off September 18.

Negroni Week? What, like it’s new? Nope, not content with just one day to celebrate a hundred-year-old classic cocktail Negroni Week has been running since 2013! What started as a small-scale cocktail charity event has now become a worldwide extravaganza. It’s like that scrappy garage band that made it big but never lost its rebellious spirit.

For one glorious week in September, Bar 1661,  Pharmacia Limerick, Cask Cork along with bars and restaurants across the globe unite in a glorious symphony of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. It’s the Avengers assembling themselves into quite possibly one of the best classic cocktails on the circuit.

The Drink Itself

Now, what’s all the fuss about the Negroni, you ask? Well, this cocktail is like the Great Gatsby of the drinks world—timeless, beloved, and with a story that never gets old. With just three ingredients, it’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser that’s transcended the cocktail universe to become a global sensation. It’s got spin-offs, it’s got devotees, it’s got fictional characters who are defined by their love for Italy’s OG.

The Negroni is made up of dry gin, red vermouth and bitters, it’s then garnished with orange. The bitters are Campari as standard. It’s undeniably a strong flavour that deftly balances the bitter and sweet. It is inarguably gratifying and its syrupy thickness is delicious as you sip. In 2022, a ranking created by Drinks International placed Negroni at number one (overtaking the Old Fashioned) as the most loved drink in the world.

The Week That’s In It

Negroni Week is more than just a reason to celebrate; it’s a chance for mixologists and patrons to come together and raise their glasses in the spirit of giving. It’s where the magic happens when you mix a classic Italian cocktail with the generosity of the human spirit.

Over the past eleven years, Negroni Week has transformed from a quirky idea to a global movement. In partnership with Imbibe USACampari helped spark the fire, but it spread like wildfire, capturing the hearts of bartenders, restaurant owners, cocktail enthusiasts, and philanthropists worldwide. In 2022, they teamed up with Slow Food, raising a cool half a mill for their mission. Slow Food, for those not in the know, is all about sustainability, equity, and making sure everyone has access to good, clean, and fair food.

Give It A Go

So, how can you be a part of this goodness? Head to Bar 1661,  Pharmacia Limerickn or Cask Cork all week from September 18 and just ask for a Negroni. You can go classic, or grab the ever popular coffee Negroni or the sweeter hazelnut Negroni. Maybe between yiz get one of each and see which one comes out on tip top?

And this year, Negroni Week comes with a twist! Campari’s got a fresh new bottle design to celebrate the occasion. It’s like giving your favourite superhero a snazzy new costume. It’s all about capturing the spirit of Milan and the indomitable Italian people.

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Please enjoy Campari responsibly.

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