Features / December 12, 2022

Gemma Dunleavy and Bodibro launch “Up De Flats” football jerseys

Image: Rosie Barrett
Features / December 12, 2022

Gemma Dunleavy and Bodibro launch “Up De Flats” football jerseys

Words: Ellen Kenny

The jerseys are based on Gemma Dunleavy’s 2020 EP and honour the artist’s love for the North Inner City Dublin.

Dublin singer Gemma Dunleavy is collaborating with sportswear brand Bodibro to continue celebrating her upbringing in North Dublin City. The artist is introducing a new jersey themed around her 2020 EP Up De Flats.

Launching on December 13, the limited collection is a “wearable diary” according to Dunleavy. The artist said that the jersey was made “with all of my favourite parts of my area etched into the seams from the Sheriff YC inspired crest to the love letter inscribed in the inside seams”.

“You can find layers and pockets of our story throughout the print, the stitches and the tags of this special garment.”

The jerseys will be available in both a regular and crop fit from sizes small to 2XL.

Gemma Dunleavy’s “Up De Flats” collection

Gemma Dunleavy’s “Up De Flats” collection is centred around sport, music, and storytelling being the fabric of Irish communities. Through her music and projects, Dunleavy tells her community’s story of unity and adversity, a running theme throughout her work. Her 2020 EP explores the trials and tribulations of working class life through the perspectives of 6 different characters inspired by those she’s grown up around.

Dunleavy was also recently involved in documentary “North Circular”, a “musical odyssey” exploring narratives of North Dublin City and documenting the story of saving The Cobblestone Pub.

Bodibro was launched in 2015 to provide local teams with affordable sportswear in a largely competitive market. Bodibro has recently launched its winter 2022 collection along with its limited “Up De Flats” jerseys, with a focus on bespoke design.

Click here to order “Up De Flats” jerseys on December 13.

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